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Health care systems management or health systems management refers to leadership and management at all levels of health care systems, hospitals, and hospital networks. In the United States, however, “health care management”, “health administration”, or “medical and health services management” describes the management of a single institution.

Handling class assignments can be challenging especially for medical students who apart from theory work, are busy with the practical aspect of the course. Moreover, some students study part-time or online hence; balancing school and work becomes a challenge. Brainstorm Essays takes some of the load off your shoulders by giving you a unique platform to hire some of the best writers you can find online with a background in healthcare management.  If you need  help with your healthcare management assignment, you have come to the right place.

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Looking to hire a good writer to help you write your duty of care assignment? Look no further! We offer duty of care assignment help services at an affordable cost. Duty of care simply refers to a moral or legal obligation to preserve the safety or well-being of others. In health care, it involves acting within your competence and avoiding activities or taking on anything that you cannot do safely. Our competent writers will help you write an excellent paper that discusses in detail the various topics that fall under duty of care assignment. For instance, duty of care assignment help may touch on areas like the importance of duty of care in healthcare, healthcare provider's duty of care, duty of care responsibilities, elements of negligence, difference between duty of care and standard of care, duty of care in workplace health and safety etc.

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Just like nursing informatics writing services, health informatics essay writing services are hard to find. This is because finding expert academic writers with a solid background in health informatics is not easy. At Brainstorm Essays, we employ competent writers who are well versed with health informatics concepts including expertise in writing health information systems (HIS) papers. Given that strong health systems are core to achieving better health outcomes, it is important that you hire a writer who will help you produce an outstanding paper that demonstrates your knowledge of health information systems.

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One of the most sought after writing services online is health administration essay writing service. Medical students are required to complete several academic essays to discuss various healthcare concepts, but they often struggle to strike a balance between school and work. To avoid failing a course or scoring bad grades, medical students have turned to professional writers for academic help. Brainstorm Essays is one such service that has helped thousands of medical students complete their health administration academic essays. Our service is not only affordable but also adheres to academic writing quality standards.

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A health care term paper is a detailed research paper required at the end of an academic term/ semester. The paper accounts for a larger part of the grade and aims to track and evaluate the knowledge of a student about a health care course. More Importantly, Health care Term Papers are intended to describe an argument, event or a concept. If you are having a difficult time completing your health administration or any healthcare related term paper, then Brainstorm Essays is the right place to seek help. We have a dedicated team of experienced term paper writers always on standby to help you tackle any healthcare related term paper.

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A health care dissertation is a long essay written by medical students on a particular subject for a university degree or diploma. Given the intensity or research and the time required to complete a dissertation, medical students often find themselves in last minute rush or even end up delivering poorly written dissertation way past the deadline. To help you beat the deadline and submit outstanding health administration/ health care management dissertation paper, our writers are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week armed with the necessary skills and expertise. Simply fill out the order form provided, and our thesis/ dissertation writers will follow your detailed instructions to produce a paper that guarantees excellent grades.

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Looking to hire a professional health administration/ management writer with a vast background in health care? Look no further! Brainstorm Essays maintains a team of expert health care writers always ready to help students in need of academic writing services.

Experienced Health Admin Writers

Experience is a key factor every medical student ought to consider before settling on a particular writer for help with healthcare assignments. The reason is simply that experienced health admin writers have been in the industry long enough to experience various challenges and tackle different health care topics than armature writers. What’s more, experienced health administration/ management writers understand the importance of delivering quality papers as a way of maintaining and expanding a loyal customer base. As such, they accord every health care paper the seriousness it deserves. Lastly, experienced writers pay attention to detail. Considering the critical role health care assignments play, it is important to hire someone who is detail-oriented and one who is willing to take time to do detailed research in order to produce an outstanding paper.

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Although the internet is considered a great place to find assignment help services, it is also filled with mediocre writers claiming to offer health care writing service when in actual sense they’ve never set foot in a medical class. At Brainstorm Essays, we offer you a unique platform to hire professional writers screened by us. As professionals, they take academic writing seriously since it forms a significant part of their income generating activity.

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Health Care Writing Services in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia and New Zealand

We understand that some health care papers adhere to country-specific guidelines and students will always strive to find writers in the said countries to complete their assignments. To ease your search, we have a pool of writers drawn from major countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia and New Zealand ready to assist. All you need to do is specify in your instructions whether you need a US, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia or New Zealand-based writer and our support team will match your specification with the writer to ensure you receive a quality paper that meets the country-specific guidelines.

Homework Nurse

Brainstorm Essays is your reliable source of high-quality essays, research papers, dissertations and all types of college/ university class assignments. 100% original content written by experienced writers

Examples of courses Under Bachelor of Science in Health Administration that our writers can comfortably assist.

Bachelor of Science in health administration deals with programs that focus on equipping students with communication skills and knowledge on ethics, finance and technological developments in the healthcare industry. It involves the collaboration of case studies, use of updated software and simulations that are utilized in learning. It ensures the involved students acquire the necessary foundational skills needed in helping others that face health-related problems through the alignment and attachment in institutions such as the “American College of Healthcare Executives” (ACHE). The approval of this degree by the “Health Information and Management System’s Society” (HIMSS) enable it to deliver healthcare information technology (IT) courses that include learning and understanding technological advancements in the healthcare industry like electronic medical records (EMRs). It also offers career and networking opportunities for students to explore through HIMSS membership. Below are some of the core courses that are provided under the Bachelor of Science in Health Administration.

Fundamental of electronic health records

This course purposes to provide students with the knowledge and skills required in the comprehensive understanding of electronic health records including the functions, features and skills needed to operate them effectively. Additionally, it also explores the software used, access to information provided by EHRs like patient records, workflows and information systems. The billing features if EHRs is also explored under this course. Therefore, in this course, students learn all aspects of the EHR use and implementation in healthcare centers.

Medical terminologies for healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals use terminologies that are different from other professions to have a better understanding of their working environments. The study of these terms in the healthcare industry is referred to as medical terminology. In this course, students are equipped with knowledge on terminologies used in the healthcare industry to enable them to communicate effectively with others. These terminologies range from diseases and their symptoms among others. Therefore, students learn the pre-and suffixes of words, abbreviations used in healthcare and pronunciations. For instance, gastric in healthcare industry refers to the stomach in nonprofessional’s language.

Business communication skills for healthcare professionals

This course focuses on equipping students with the necessary business skills needed to ensure proper physician-patient and colleagues’ relations, rapport creating and provision of efficient client service. Moreover, they learn the verbal and nonverbal ways of interacting with patients and distinguish the wrong from the necessary ones. Hospital setting examples are set up during classes to understand the communication between colleagues and patients. Through these examples, students learn alternative ways to deal with various issues that arise in the healthcare industry without ruining the rapport with patients and client service.

Healthcare delivery in the United States

This course offers a summary of the U. S healthcare systems, the historical background, institutional service models and service provision systems like mental and ambulatory care in private and public medical centers. It also outlines the trends that influence the healthcare systems like technological advancements and government policies. It also looks at the impact funding has on the provision of medical services to patients in the United States. Moreover, it looks at the health and treatment outcomes for various providers and measures incorporated in the healthcare centers.

Healthcare professional development

This course focuses on the various ways healthcare professionals can improve their skills and careers. It looks at the various career opportunities in the healthcare sector, which gives students various departments to choose from and venture in from doctors, opticians, cardiologists and dermatologists among others. It also gives a summary of the expected leaning outcomes of the course and the bachelor degree and organizations that present these opportunities.

Healthcare management

This course equips students with the needed administration skills. It also focuses on examining the various types of organizational structures in the healthcare institutions. It expounds on the administrative roles like control, organizing, planning and directing among others utilized by healthcare administrators. It also looks at the several problems faced by the administration of healthcare centers. Therefore, it ensures that students that become administrators can effectively run healthcare institutions.

Healthcare ethics and social responsibility

Ethical practices in the healthcare industry are essential as failure to comply with the set laws leads to loss of medical licenses. Therefore, this course identifies the various unethical practices in the healthcare industry and looks at ways that healthcare professionals can avoid them to ensure their licenses are safe. Moreover, it offers students with the knowledge needed in the controlling and handling of various types of patients and populations.

Human resources in healthcare

Human resource involves the control and handling of healthcare personnel in medical centers. This course offers students with sufficient knowledge on ways to handle various personnel and their posts in the healthcare industry. It also looks at the various issues faced by the human resource department in most healthcare institutions. These issues are mostly faced in the recruitment, training and development of employees in the healthcare industry. The course investigates healthcare personnel and organizations performance and expounds on the various federal laws governing operations in the healthcare industry.

Organizational behavior

This course focuses on the conduct of various employees, departments and their impact on the organization. It also looks at the decision-making models and processes utilized by managers and employees in making organizational decisions. Further, it looks at the organizational leadership, its culture and means of solving the different forms of conflicts that arise in the healthcare institutions.

Healthcare accounting

This course provides students with knowledge of the accounting practices in the healthcare industry. It equips them with knowledge on the accountability, responsibility and management of accounts books in the medical centers. Accounting basics are also studied.

Healthcare finance

This course outlines the various financial expenditures and revenues for healthcare institutions. It discusses the various budgets, income sources and their expenses to ensure accountability of available finances. It also outlines the various effects of financial issues like shortage of funding to the delivery of healthcare services in the institutions.

Healthcare quality management and outcome analysis

Healthcare services are standardized by various quality assurance organizations. The students under this course study the various regulatory bodies, their rules regarding healthcare and the punishments faced by organizations that do not comply. It also evaluates organizational performance and the quality of care provided by medical institutions. It also reviews the various healthcare quality issues, trends that influence the quality and costs as well as the recognition of involved parties in healthcare quality management.

Public and community health

This course equips students with knowledge on the various aspects of community health. It also looks at the various ecological influences on disease outbreaks and measures to prevent these illnesses from having damaging impacts on the community. Moreover, it discusses the developments on research done on community health and the impact of execution and rectification of errors from research findings to the communities.

Healthcare research utilization

Research in the healthcare industry is important as it leads to the development of vaccines, cures and identification of causative agents for diseases. Therefore, this course provides students with information on the various research techniques and the utilization of findings obtained from the different studies. For instance, the development of vaccines enables healthcare professionals to curb illnesses early before infection and also lead to the reduction of the affected individuals relieving pressure in the healthcare institutions.

Healthcare information systems

The use of technology in the healthcare industry is evident from the use and adoption of electronic health records and radiology equipment among others. This course equips students with knowledge on the use, adoption, impact and execution of technological advancements in the healthcare industry. It also looks at the various types of software that can be utilized in the healthcare institutions to have better outcomes.

Healthcare consumer trends

Consumers are the most important persons in the service industry as they offer first hand feedback on the satisfaction of products and services offered to them. In this course, students look at the various client preferences and means through which they can improve the provision of healthcare services to ensure client satisfaction.  

If you are looking for professional help with assignments in any of these courses or any topic under health administration, then Brainstorm Essays is the right place. Our services are affordable and we guarantee quality, non-plagiarized papers delivered in a timely manner.

Sample Healthcare Management Paper #1

Electronic Health Record Implementation

Acquisition through vendors is a great way of implementing the electronic health record, especially where in-house development is not feasible. One of the advantages of outsourcing is that it allows access to vendor expertise and can sometimes be cheaper than in-house development especially where infrastructural costs are involved. Therefore, this paper will examine the steps that I would follow to implement the EHR as a project manager in one year time.


The first step is Assessment. Implementing EHR follows a genuine business need, a concrete value proposition, and justifiable gain after implementing the software. In the  scenario described, The reason for wanting to transition to electronic health record is to not only claim the financial incentives under the meaningful use program of the government, but also to improve the charting functions to facilitate accuracy and accessibility. With business justification in place, it’s important to involve the top management in decision making before proceeding with the Acquisition process. Assuming the process is approved, the next step would be vendor selection.

Vendor Selection

This step is about finding the right company to supply the desired system. To ensure success in this process, it would be important to create an evaluation team that comprises functional experts, top management, and end-users. Specifically, the team would be tasked with the responsibility of evaluating the software vendors to determine their credibility and quality of services and systems they sell. Comparing vendors is also important to ensure the best vendor is picked (, 2018). It is also important to assess the current state of the healthcare facility by looking at the critical processes and noting down the benefits the new system can deliver for the said processes.

Under vendor selection, another important step would be to consider the EHR specifications that meet the meaningful use criteria. According to Appari, Johnson, and Anthony (2013), meaningful use, in a health information technology context, refers to the U.S government’s minimum standards for using EHR. It also covers issues such as the exchange of patient data between healthcare providers, between health care providers and patients, and between healthcare providers and insurers.

  • Project Implementation

The step involves assembling the project team. There's a need to set up a governance structure, which may be a governance board or steering committee. The purpose of this committee would be to assist the managers in assessing the current state of the project as well as adjusting content and direction when and if necessary. Typically, the committee would comprise the project sponsor, project management office, project manager, and business unit managers that have a vested interest in the success of the project. Indeed it is a time-consuming process, but a crucial step in the implementation process.  

  • Process Refinement

The process involves sending out the functional leads to interact with the business process experts from the vendor side with the intention of identifying the important processes that ought to be included in the EHR. Once the processes have been fully identified and reengineered, the next activity would be to document, while keeping it simple.

  • First Software Build Out

The next step would be the first software build out.  The functional leads would be required to transfer the EHR requirements to the technical team for programming and configuration based on the healthcare facility’s need. At this stage, the software is usually 85 to 90% built. Without a doubt, this step is important because it allows the project team to validate whether the technical team is on track or not and what needs to be adjusted before the end product is delivered. This process may be repeated at least twice in what is known as rinse and repeat to ensure the EHR system is functional, free of software bugs, and usability issues are fully addressed.

User acceptance testing

At this stage, the EHR system should be ready for the users. It’s important to conduct in-depth user testing of the EHR software with every business process from every function of the healthcare facility. The selected vendor must be available to collect responses and should there be any issues during the user acceptance step, the vendor will have to complete another final round of software configuration before going live. It is important, at this stage, to offer final user training to ensure the end-users use the EHR system as intended

System Changeover

Once the system has been accepted, it’s time to begin the transitioning process from the paper system to the electronic health record system. This involves proper planning, preparation and ultimate execution of the changeover. Considering the importance of the patient data that needs to be transferred to the new system, it's important to have a contingency plan in place (, 2013). Therefore, I propose parallel changeover for a period of two months. While this method is considered costly, it is more costly to mess with patient data.


The go-live Event is important because it is the actual day the new system will be opened for the users to transact. On this day, one of the important activities is to ensure functional resources are efficiently deployed to key locations to provide adequate support.

Project Closure

The last step is the post mortem which involves project closure and documentation of the lessons learned. As the project manager, my duty would be to compile a final checklist to ensure anything that ought to have been done is fully completed. Responses regarding lessons learned can be collected from the project team through a questionnaire.


Appari, A., Eric Johnson, M., & Anthony, D. L. (2013). Meaningful use of electronic health record systems and process quality of care: evidence from a panel data analysis of US acute‐care hospitals. Health services research, 48(2pt1), 354-375. (2013, Feb 27). What are the key steps of the electronic health record (EHR) implementation planning phase? Retrieved from (2018, Aug 3). How do I select a vendor? Retrieved from

Sample Healthcare Management Paper #2

Benefits and Challenges of Patient Portal Implementation

Literature Review

Electronic health records have been in existence for more than a decade. Over the years, they have been used as tools to enhance patient outcomes in conditions that demand consistent patient follow up. Recent advancements have increased the applications of electronic health data to provide online access to data for patients and doctors. For instance, patient portals have the ability to complete the circle of care by linking patients to their caregivers directly. A number of studies have been done to support the impact of patient portals in diabetes care. This literature review aims to analyze data from various researches to determine the impact of patient portals on patients suffering from diabetes.

Most research papers on the impact of patient portal systems have managed to highlight several advantages of using the systems. For instance, the research by Lau, Campbell, Tang, Thompson, and Elliott (2014) undertook a retrospective observational study with a hospital set up in British Columbia.  The research used an electronic health recording system supported by a patient portal that was coupled with staff support. Access to the patient portal was free and was aimed at providing a question and answer system for doctors and patients; updated laboratory data and a journal. The results of the study revealed that the management of diabetes has significantly improved once the patients were provided with medical information support through the patient portals. Moreover, better health outcomes were also identified in patients who made more use of the patient portal systems to seek knowledge on diabetes and self-care capabilities. Lau et al. (2014) also managed to show how the results on patient outcome were independent of the type of diabetes since both type one and type two showcased similar results in the value of patient care.

Additionally, Or, Calvin and Da Tao (2014) also undertook a study that sought out to evaluate the impact of consumer health information on the outcomes of self-managed diabetes care. The main hypothesis of the study was that CHITs have the potential to significantly improve the patient outcomes in diabetes patients. In comparison to EHR, CHITs are tailored to the general public rather than to individual patients. They represent information that is available for all to view and utilizes.  Patients who made a self-concerted effort to seek CHITs showed changes in their behaviors and self-monitoring frequencies. Consequently, the use of the CHITs showed a positive increased in the medical outcomes. The results indicated a 64 % increase in diabetes outcomes measures. In this way, it also supports the ability of patient portals in increasing patient outcomes.

Kruse, Clemens Scott, Katy Bolton, and Greg Freriks (2015) add to the discussion by evaluating the concept of meaning full use and how it impacts the applications of patient portals. The health and information technology for economic and clinical health compels health organizations to be aware of the meaning full use qualification. The requirement is seen to increase the participation of the patients in medical decision making but the implications on the patient outcomes had not been evaluated. Kruse et al. (2015) purposed to review the results from other patient portal quality use and evaluate how meaningful use has impacted the patient outcomes. They used data-driven research papers and related them back to the criteria of meaning full use. The results indicated that the use of patient portals resulted in improvements in awareness of the disease improved medical treatment adherence, and decreased hospital visits, increased self-management capabilities. Additionally, the study also showed an increase in satisfaction and quality of health care provided. Consequently, more organizations are making use of the patient portal to increase patient outcomes.

Challenges of implementing patient portals identified in various research papers revolve around various factors associated with the patient side. Ketterer, West, Sanders, Hossain, Kondo, Sharif (2013) identified the socio-economic barriers that exist in the success of patient portal enrollments. The study assessed predictors of enrollments such as demographics and clinical perspectives in pediatric primary care population. It used a cross-sectional analysis of a children’s hospital database composing of 84,015 children over a duration of 4 years. The results indicated that only 38% of the children enrolled and even a lower percentage managed to activate their accounts. The statistics indicated lower levels for low-income families, adolescents, recipients of Medicaid and patients of minority ethnicity. The results of this study are significant as they evaluate the sociodemographic disparities that are available in patient portal outcomes. The impact of patient portals can be decreased in cases where there exist such socio-economic disparities.

Irizarry, DeVito, and Curran (2015) also supported the potential for patient portals to improve care by promoting engagement between patients and their health providers. The research aimed at reporting the findings from literature reviews on diabetes patients making use of a patient portal. Through an electronic literature search, the researchers were able to identify controlled practices that had defined outcomes. The results indicated that patients had registered for accounts and had a record of using their portals had improved outcomes when compared to their peers.

Another key issue that affects the impact of patient portals in diabetes patient outcomes is the motivational factors. There are various factors that affect the motivation of patients in feeling self-empowered to follow the guidelines provided either through EHR or CHITs. These factors have been argued out to have significant impacts on the value of patient portals in institutions. For patients who make voluntary use of the systems, have greater potential to witness improved outcomes. Additionally, the patient outcomes are also affected by the literacy levels and the ability to make appropriate use of technology provided. Using an online portal and the level of improvement witnessed are factors of the literacy and motivation of the individual patients.

In light of the need for patient motivation and adequate literacy, the importance of Internet-based patient portals have been underscored by a number of researches.  Kruse, C.SBolton, K. &, Freriks G. (2015) argue out that the ineffectiveness of the patient portal systems is visible in the way self-management is not always a sufficient mechanism of improving care. Other factors identified were such as the knowledge of diabetes versus the information given, the choice of technology, the need for confidentiality together with social concerns associated with the surrounding community. These factors are poised to decrease the significance of patient portals in instigating significant change in diabetes patient care outcomes.

Sun, Korytkowski, Sereika, Saul, Li, and Burke (2018) highlight the various uses of patient portals in managing diabetes patient care. For instance, patients can comfortably perform medical tasks such as look at their summaries, view their lab results, communicate with their care providers and manage future appointments. The portals are advancing to be capable of recording patient symptoms and self-care results such as the blood pressure and glucose readings. The increased effectiveness of care delivery is the main reason for the adoption of the patient portals by organizations.

The impact of portal systems has also been evaluated by considering the perceptions of patients. For instance, the research by Irizarry et al (2015) outlined the way in which patients were more satisfied with the portal features offered. The results of the study indicated that the patients were more aware of their health status and more willing to make deliberate attempts at improvement.  However, while patients made extensive use of features such as the recording blood pressure Irizarry et al (2015) noted that they made limited use of other features.  It was also noted that different patients had a varied frequency of use that declined for all patients over time.  Patients highlighted issues such as the difficulties in navigating the portal together with the lack of user-friendly design that is simple and captivating. These issues raise the concern of the need for focus on the design aspect in the impact of patient portals.


In light of the literature analysis, it is evident that patient care is enhanced through the application of patient portals. Various research papers have indicated an increase in the positive outcomes for patients suffering from diabetes and other conditions. However, the patient perspectives raise significant concerns about the application of patient portals. The decrease in the use of EHR over time by patients and the barriers are potential limiting factors that affect the long-term viability of patient portals. The question raised is what the resulting patient outcomes are in the long run. How do patient portals influence the long-term outcomes of patients suffering from diabetes? This paper seeks to answer these questions and add on to the research provided by other researchers.


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