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Brainstorm Essays is your reliable source of high quality psychology essays.

Psychology Essay Writing Service

Looking to hire a professional psychology essay writer for help with your Psychology homework? Look no further! Brainstorm Essays is a reliable psychology essay writing service with a dedicated team of experienced writers. Whether it’s an undergraduate, Masters or PhD level paper, we are available 24/7 to assist. Having written many academic papers on psychology, our writers have the necessary skills and competence to produce an excellent custom psychology paper.

We understand that Psychology, being a science course, requires the use of evidence-based/ scholarly sources. As such, we boast access to multiple scientific literature databases to aid in the research and writing of quality psychology essays and research papers. What's more, our psychology essay writing service employs qualified writers with years of experience and solid background in psychology to ensure our customers get excellent psychology papers.

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Non-plagiarized psychology papers

Originality is of great significance when writing scholarly articles. These days, finding writers who do not plagiarize is challenging because everyone wants quick money and copy-paste is the easy way. While this tactic may sometimes work for some companies, it is short-lived and they are quickly kicked out of the industry. Hiring our services will greatly save you the embarrassment of submitting plagiarized psychology papers. This is simply because we are a company with a long-term vision hence, zero room for such gimmicks.

All our psychology essays, term papers, research papers etc. are checked for plagiarism using credible software such as turnitin and Grammarly before submission. Therefore, issues of plagiarism should never scare you when choosing our psychology essay writing service. What’s more our strict plagiarism policy puts writers on check in the sense that one risks being fired for not delivering original psychology papers. The good thing about our psychology writing service is that we don’t charge extra for plagiarism check hence, you can request for plagiarism reports whenever your hire our service. 

If your aim is to hire a writer from a reputable psychology essay writing service with zero tolerance on plagiarism, you have definitely come to the right place.

Cheap Psychology Paper Writing Service

Do you recall the many times you needed homework help with your psychology paper but just couldn’t afford the services offered online? Relax; Brainstorm Essays is a company that fits perfectly in students shoes. Our services are pocket-friendly and the quality of services is simply unmatched. Importantly, we do not cluster our services in terms of special plans priced differently. All our services are priced at a flat rate because we believe that you have the right to receive all services that accompany writing without having to pay extra money.

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Psychology Essay Writers

At Brainstorm Essays, we only employ experienced, graduate writers. Moreover, writers specializing in psychology and related courses are required to have a solid background in psychology prior to joining our team. Indeed there is nothing frustrating like hiring writers who are only after money to ruin the gains you’ve made academically. Our psychology essay writers go through competitive process during recruitment to ensure we get the best of the best. As if that’s not enough, we go an extra mile to ensure they receive continuous training. This not only preserves quality of our online writing services, but also ensures our writers are constantly updated in regards to the ever changing field of psychology.

If your major concern is to find a Native English-speaking writer to write your psychology paper, Brainstorm Essays has the answer. All our psychology essay writers are drawn from English speaking countries hence; papers delivered are of high quality devoid of unnecessary grammatical errors, poor wordings and other related language issues.

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Psychology Essay Papers

At Brainstorm Essays, you are assured of reliable, high-quality plagiarism free Psychology essay papers for the lowest price on the market. Our psychology papers are 100% original since they are written from scratch by experienced writers with a solid background in psychology. Be it a psychology term paper, research paper, dissertation paper or thesis, our psychology custom essay writing service will offer the much needed help.

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Psychology Assignment Help Service

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Psychology Assignment Writers

Need help with your psychology assignment? Let our psychology writers offer the much needed service as you attend to other commitments. Our psychology writers are highly trained and well conversant with all types of psychology assignments. One of the qualities that distinguish our writers from others in the industry is their level of expertise. They are knowledgeable in psychology as an area of study hence, able to deliver assignments that depict in-depth analysis and generally rich content. The other quality is that our psychology writers are experienced. Having written many psychology assignments and with a vast background in psychology assignment writing, they are able to produce high quality papers accompanied by relevant examples. Our psychology writers are also professional in the manner in which they handle psychology assignment help requests. Considering academic writing is their main source of income, they dedicate most of their time and energies to ensure customer satisfaction is achieved. More importantly, our writers are reliable. If you need psychology writers you can entrust with your paper and not worry about delivery issues, then Brainstorm Essays is the place to order from.

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Shyness in Adults: Causes and Consequences

Examples of psychology classes we can assist

Introduction to Psychology

Introduction to psychology course comprises a study of selected psychology topics that include research methods, sensation, physiological psychology, consciousness, perception and motivation, roles of gender, memory, psychotherapy, social psychology and abnormal behavior. Our academic writers have handled this course many times, and every time we receive positive feedback from our satisfied clients.

Child and Adolescent Development

This course introduces students to human growth and development nature as it takes place from the time of conception up to adolescent stage. Our psychology ghost writers will help you tackle assignments that explore in detail cognitive, physical motor, moral aesthetic, language and social-emotional development. The course is also important because it helps students to explore more activities that help them appreciate and understand atypical and typical development within family context and society as well as recognize the effect of linguistic, individual and cultural differences on growth.

Adult Growth and Assessment of Life

Under this course, students learn about adult development theory and connect theoretical life and learning concepts through a reflection and psychometric process. Also, examination of both contemporary and classical adult development theories is done. The theories then offer life learning and self-analysis paradigm including professional, personal and academic learning plan. If you need help with assignments in this course, then Brainstorm Essays is the right place to order.

Human Sexuality Psychology

Human Sexuality Psychology course examines a number of sexuality perspective with the inclusion of social, psychological, cultural and biological dimensions.  Topics under this course that our writers can competently help with include reproductive anatomy for both male and female and life span identity; and typical and atypical sexual expression and behavior variations among others.

Social Psychology

In this course, students explore ways through which individuals’ thoughts, behavior, and feelings are influenced by varying social situations. The course also involves critical analysis and survey of different methods utilized in social psychology by researchers. Topics under this course that our expert writers can offer assistance with include aggression, social cognition, interpersonal attraction, prejudice, conformity, altruistic behavior, conflict resolution and group influences.

Industrial Psychology

Industrial psychology is a course that examines an organization’s influence upon an individual and how the individual can in turn influence the organization. Topics under this course that our professional writers can offer assistance with include personnel selection, recruiting, group problem solving, conflict resolution and organizational climate.

Abnormal Psychology

Under this course psychological disorders’ diagnosis, signs and symptoms, causes and treatment as well as prevention measures are studied. Besides introducing a discussion on Psychiatric association system validity and reliability, this course also introduces alternative systems.

Lifespan Development

Life span development is a course that includes the application of different psychology fields into a broad study of human development right from childhood through adolescent up to adulthood.

The Adulthood Journey

Under this course, students are introduced to varying views, research findings, perspectives and principles across the continuum of adulthood that includes early, middle and late adulthood. The course allows students to understand developmental stages that occur in social, anatomy and biology realms, and the cultural frameworks through which aging takes place. If you are struggling with homework in this course, then worry not because we have a team of experienced psychology writers always on standby to assist.

Elderly People Cognitive Functioning

This is a course that explores cognitive functioning after later life with the inclusion of socioeconomic, biological, cognitive adaption, environmental and life history factors. The course also presents major psychological constructs of socialization, thinking processes and self-concepts.  Further, there is a discussion on etiology, education, support and interventions systems in this course.

Perception, Learning, and Cognition

In this course, students will study theory and research about mental processes in human mind. They will also collect and interpret data for a number of experiences that display classic findings in cognition, learning, and perception.  Under cognition, students tackle assignments related to how information is processed in mind. Learning will feature permanent behavior changes achieved after an experience, and perceptions is about mental processes found in organizations and sensory experience interpretation.

Behavioral and Social Sciences Statistics

In this course, inferential and descriptive statistics are studied and varying statistical analysis techniques introduced. Formulas for data evaluation and presentation are also explored as per statistical analysis protocol.

Research Methods

This course includes an introduction to research methodology, plan and analysis foundations. Also, an evaluation and exploration of qualitative and quantitative research basic principles are studied in the course. Further, the course facilitates an understanding of statistical analysis results.

Personality Theories

Personality theories course reviews the main principles and concepts of major personality theories. The scientific validity and worth of the theories are also assessed in the course. Personality theories course also includes case studies that display how theories are used in psychological disorders’ treatment. The course also provides detailed descriptions of healthy and unhealthy personalities.

Learning Psychology

Learning Psychology course consists of learning theory and research application in a wide setting range where learning is conducted.

Adult Development Trends and Issues

Under this course, students will explore contemporary trends and issues in the development of adults and rising areas of research. Topics under this course that our experienced writers can offer assistance with include changing role dynamics, intergenerational conflicts, adulthood self-esteem, vulnerability and resilience, trends of adulthood employment and enhancing and maintaining adulthood cognitive vitality.

Physiological Psychology

In this course, students are trained on the physiology and anatomy of the brain, peripheral nervous system, endocrine system and spinal cord. The biological systems study promotes better mind-body relationships understanding which are vital to thirst, hunger emotion, sex, sleep, memory and learning. Students also study medical theories, treatment, and assessment of psychological disorders that include drug therapy and imaging technologies.

Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive psychology course takes a scientific approach to understand major mental processes used in daily cognition. The course topics that our expert writers can offer assistance with include: attention, perception, language, and memory which are studied through researching both contemporary and classic experimental results and psychology methods.

Health Psychology

Students in this course learn the body and mind relationship as it relates to stress, health and how a person responds to medical treatment. The course also involves review of physiology and anatomy of the endocrine system, the nervous system and immune system among other organ systems. In this course, students get to learn successful ways of managing stress, recovering from disease and injury, and sustaining health.

Counseling and Behavior Change

This is a course specially designed for students getting into fields of human service. Under this course behavior change models and theories are compared and contrasted and client needs to be determined. Students also apply counseling skills and motivational strategies as well as evaluate ethical and moral issues. Further, cultural concepts and competency are discussed under this course.

Adult Development Capstone

This is a course that synthesizes major concepts, perspectives, and ideas gained from adult development study. Students in this course are required to critically evaluate their experiences and knowledge achieved all through the program.

Applied Project

This is a course that offers students a synthesis of perspectives, theories, major ideas and concepts achieved from psychology study.  The course also facilitates the creation of research projects that give students a chance to integrate knowledge and learning gained from real life experience.

Introduction to Psychology Graduate Study

This course offers graduate study introduction in the psychology field. Students explore psychology as a profession and a science. They also examine professional organizations and roles, professional and ethical standards, hypothetical perspectives, and current practical psychology applications to real-world circumstances.

Developmental Psychology

This course covers contextual and developmental experiences of people across their lifetime. Prominence is placed on questions and issues that have subjugated the field in the past and continue to offer momentum for research. Information in this course focuses on articles that illustrate and describe current trends and theories. Students read selected readings that relate to personal interest and weekly topics. The topics comprise of theoretical trends and research foundations, guidelines and ethics, strength and wellness, human developmental framework, and death issues.

Applied Social Psychology

This course gives a detailed assessment of the social psychology science and how it is utilized in managing and aiding contemporary social issues understanding. Topics in this course include social quandaries met in the fields of psychological and bodily health, the place of work, the learning system, and the lawful system. Students also learn decisive theories and study that informs the social psychology practical application to real-life circumstances. Students will also further apply this course while explaining current social problems.

Personality Theories

Personality Theories course offers an outline of the crucial ideas and opinions of the major personality theories. Learners review the scientific value and legitimacy of these theories as per the case studies that demonstrate how they are applied to the psychological disorders treatment and how personality evaluations are used in diverse settings. Detailed descriptions of fit and unhealthy types of personalities are stressed. Students are further challenged to assess a variety of assessment apparatus as they relay to the relevant theories being offered.

Learning and Cognition

Learning and Cognition course initiates students to various learning and cognition dimensions, which vary from the essential processes learning to the perspectives that endorse meta-cognition and self-regulation. Learning and cognition course is made up of many topics that include attention, categorization, memory, problem solving, language acquisition, epistemology, and diversity recognition. Students will further study a broad content range through an assorted compilation of peer-reviewed articles that focus on the different learning and cognition aspects. The course emphasizes core findings, recognized facts, learning and cognition skills that are pertinent to a broad contexts range.

Biological Behavior Bases

Students in biological behavior bases course investigate the detailed anatomy and physiology of the brain, together with cellular makeup, synaptic communication, and medical neuroanatomy. Theories that center on the brain function and behavior relationship is reviewed in this course. Students also get to demonstrate their understanding of significant brain systems, including those entailed in sensation, language, movement, emotions and memory. Through a behavioral neuroscience history review, students get to learn about the association between symptom arrangement and underlying neuroanatomy theories as well as how the theories have developed over time. Students will further learn significant study methods utilized in neuroscience through analyzing present brain aging concepts as they finalize the course, students design a proposal that focuses on specific disorder in the neurophysiology area. 


Students in this course study the action of drugs, both recreational and therapeutic, on the body with a stress on the brain. Psychiatric disorders biological basis theories are investigated as a foundation for investigating the proficient standards behind remedial drug use. More examinations on drug use history, ethical concerns, and research methods are scrutinized in this course.  

Research Design and Methods

This course assesses the essential concepts of general quantitative research methods and initiates research design through mixed and qualitative methods. In quantitative methods review, stress is placed on trial research designs. In this course, students get to choose suitable study designs and methodologies for diverse research questions. Further, the course culminates in a research proposal topics selected by the students.

Psychological Testing and Assessment

The above-mentioned course involves a summary of students’ approaches to psychology testing. Students here review psychological evaluation used in appraising personality, aptitude, success, and career-related skills and interests in a range of work settings. The course provides students with chances to examine psychometric methodologies naturally employed in the expansion and validation of educational and psychological tests. Students also apply facts of psychological measurement values to assessment and testing data with an emphasis on professional and ethical interpretation. Challenges and issues related to assessment and testing with varied populations is also included in this course. 


Psychopathology course initiates students to phenomenological and objective understandings of emotional disorders and symptoms. Students in this course draw from diverse historical and theoretical perspectives to construct their diagnostic and treatment methods and expand their evidence-based practices appreciation. In addition, students get encouraged to conceptualize psychopathology from a socio-culturally susceptible point of view through the assessment of culture-related conditions. Diagnostic handbooks and manuals are also discussed and applied all through this course. 

Introduction to Clinical and Counseling Psychology

This course scrutinizes comparisons and distinctions in medical and psychotherapy psychology, with more emphasis on specialized functions and activities. Students gain more responsiveness of their feelings toward diverse professional and ethical issues, psychoanalysis modalities, conjectural orientations, and medical involvements through case studies. Evidenced-based applications and psychiatric therapy integration are also covered within this course.

Master of Arts in Psychology

The above mentioned course is the concluding educational practice for the Master of Arts in Psychology. Here, students integrate and use what they have been learning all through the course to convene competencies as summarized in the course learning outcomes. Students also get exposed to a holistic psychology view as a discipline, and they get encouraged to reflect critically about the wider themes that connect varying psychology subfields. Students also reflect on the program experience as a whole and consider how the themes of the course apply to varying public and professional settings. The course gives students an opportunity to perform and display skills necessary for success after graduation

#Sample Psychology Paper

Maslow Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow hierarchy of needs can be applied to enhance employee engagement and growth as it helps managers understand reasons for implementing the correct theories to manage employees, retain talents and encourage the best performance in the company (Jonas, 2016). The Maslow hierarchy of needs matters because knowing what can motivate or demotivate someone can influence their work and retention. Therefore, managers who want to increase the performance of their teams, increase their retention, and encourage professional and personal growth can use these levels of need.

The first step in this practice is to look at the situation by collecting data and analyzing it to understand the turnover rate and how it compares to the industry average (Lazaroiu, 2015). This data will pinpoint the exact departments, demographic groups or specialist most likely to leave hence it is easier to focus on managing them. The hierarchy of needs has five levels, which need to be satisfied for employees to stay and perform. The first two levels are physiological needs and safety needs that are classified as the basic needs (Einstein et al., 2016). The organization must satisfy these needs before they can satisfy higher needs in the hierarchy. Employees need to feel secure in their position in order to perform better. Therefore, the company should offer good compensation as well as provide an environment that encourages employees to grow. Feeling threatened in a position will lead an employee to seek a safer employment opportunity (Lazaroiu, 2015). When safety and physiological needs are satisfied, the employee will not be easily ready to leave the organization hence they will be focused on their performance.

The third and fourth levels are belongingness and love needs, and self-esteem, which are classified as psychological needs (Einstein et al., 2016). In this level, employees find their satisfaction in the company and try to fulfill other needs such as the need for love, friendship, belonging and self-esteem. Employees in this stage are also very likely to leave because they understand they can get better opportunities elsewhere. Therefore, managers need to understand that there are ways to motivate employees apart from offering a better pay. They can offer praise and recognition for good work to improve self-esteem while encouraging employees to mingle and work in groups to foster friendships within the organization (Jonas. 2016). The self-esteem level is important in encouraging employees about their capabilities and showing them they can make a difference in their positions. This will encourage their career path and help their growth both professionally and personally.

The fifth level is described as the self-actualization level by Maslow and it is the highest level since the employee has a perception that the company fulfills all needs; economical and psychological (Einstein et al., 2016). Employees at this level feel that they are important in the company, can make a change, belong in the company, and are creatively stimulated. It is important not to forget this group of employees because they will not seek other positions due to financial needs, but a need to express themselves. Although it is unlikely for them to leave, due to their commitment to the company, they should be encouraged to keep growing in their senior positions.

The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is important in encouraging employee growth and reducing their turnover as it focuses on the different needs of employees that can be met to promote their loyalty as well as job security. When managers understand this and focus on individual employees, they will be able to reduce turnover, improve productivity and encourage employee growth, both professionally and personally.



Einstein, A., Addams, J., & Roosevelt, E. (2016). Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

Jonas, J. (2016). Making practical use of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory to motivate employees: a case of Masvingo Polytechnic. Journal of Management & Administration, 2016(2), 105-117.

Lazaroiu, G. (2015). Employee motivation and job performance. Linguistic and Philosophical Investigations, 14, 97.

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Sample Psychology paper #2

Mental Health

Mental disorders are among the most prevalent forms of preventable and mostly treatable illnesses. Yet, many still die or suffer from irreversible effects of psychosis due to delayed diagnosis and treatment (McKenzie, 2014). This paper discusses the timely use of psychosocial interventions for psychotic-spectrum disorders such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and bipolar disorder. The topic is instructive to mental health nursing because it underscores the importance of not only the right interventions but also the urgency with which those interventions are administered to patients. As such, the issue touches on two of the six components of quality care defined by the Institute of Medicine (2001), namely efficiency and timeliness.


According to McGorry (2015), swift treatment can greatly reduce the long-term effects of most mental disorders. Unfortunately, very few mental health patients in the world benefit from evidence-based treatment; with majority receiving delayed interventions that are less effective (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development [OECD], 2014). Lutgens, Gariepy and Malla (2017) have undertaken a systemic review and meta-analysis of psychological and psychosocial interventions for negative symptoms in psychosis. They identified seven groups of studies that focused on the efficacy of psychosocial interventions. Out of these studies, twenty-six examined cognitive behavioural therapy while seventeen investigated skills training, occupational therapy, cognitive adaptation training and vocational training. Moreover, sixteen studies examined neurocognitive therapy, ten assessed exercise therapy, seven evaluated arts based interventions and six looked into family based interventions (Lutgens et al., 2017). Nevertheless, these authors observe that there is limited research and standardization on what actually constitute clinical changes from psychosocial interventions in mental health.

Summary of article

The article by Breitborde, Moe, Ered, Ellman and Bell (2017) examines strategies that can help to optimize psychosocial interventions in first-episode psychosis. From the onset, the authors underscore the severity of psychotic disorders, drawing statistics from various studies. They, for instance, cite scholars who report that persons with psychotic disorders are twelve times more likely to commit suicide and have a lifespan reduced by 25 years than do normal people. According to Breitborde et al., however, “Growing evidence suggests that outcomes for individuals with psychotic-spectrum disorders can be meaningfully improved by increasing the quality of mental health care provided to these individuals and reducing the delay between the first onset of psychotic symptoms and the receipt of adequate psychiatric care” (p. 120).

Unlike pharmacological treatments, psychosocial interventions bring the social, economic, political and psychological factors into play when trying to restore a mental patient’s state of mind. Based on a review of current literature, the article presents four strategies to enhance timely interventions for psychotic-spectrum disorders. The first strategy is to reduce the delay in the administration of proven psychosocial interventions. From their findings, Breitborde et al. (2017) report that delayed intervention from the onset of psychotic disorder can lead to increased progression of illness and poor response to treatment in the long-run. Second is pairing up psychosocial interventions to optimize outcomes. The authors argue that no single psychosocial intervention can be sufficient alone in addressing the various symptoms of mental disorders.

Third is customization of psychosocial interventions to individual patients and their needs (Breitborde et al., 2017). Customization draws the link between a patient’s unique characteristics or clinical presentations and specific aspects of a given psychosocial intervention, thus providing treatment that is most suitable to the patient. Last is the integration of technology to enhance the outcomes of psychosocial interventions. Breitborde et al. note that technologies have the potential to strengthen interventions by providing evidence-based, cost-effective, flexible and personalized treatment options for mental health patients. Breitborde et al. conclude their article by recommending the need to integrate current research evidence into mental health care practices. They also recommend further research on psychosocial interventions to identify strategies to improve prevention of psychotic disorders among high-risk individuals.  

Practical applications

The four strategies that Breitborde et al. (2017) recommend have practical implications for my current practice. As a practising mental health care nurse, I have gained experience in both pharmacological and psychosocial interventions. In many ways, the current practice of psychosocial interventions in our hospital is ineffective. First, nurses often find it hard to combine several psychosocial interventions because of time constraints. As such, the recommendation that pairing of interventions increases effectiveness provides a basis for promoting coordinated care to our mental patients going forward. Second, the application of technology to integrate research into current interventions has not been sufficient. Therefore, following in Breitborde et al.’s suggestions, there is need for increased usage of technologies in the delivery of care in my practice. Nevertheless, the hospital has made significant progress in customising interventions to patient characteristics.  

Strengths and weaknesses of article

Overall, the article makes a good case for the strengthening of psychosocial interventions for psychotic disorders. It also has a strong basis on research, and thus presents evidence-based strategies for optimising interventions for mental health problems. It equally recommends the need to base all intervention practices on strong evidence. Breitborde et al. (2017) report findings that show that a combination of psychosocial and pharmacological interventions can engender better results in the treatment of psychotics. However, throughout their discussions, these authors seem to privilege psychosocial over other interventions. The narrative that seems to emerge from the entire article is that, if optimized, psychosocial interventions can alone help treat psychosis. The authors do not, for instance, hint to whether or not the optimization strategies they recommend for psychosocial interventions can enhance outcomes with pharmacological interventions or a combination of these interventions.

Recommendation to colleagues

I would recommend this article to other colleagues because it makes a strong case for evidence-based practices in mental health care. The authors demonstrate high intellectual rigour in their analysis and interpretation of past findings. They also provide four practical strategies to improve the outcomes of psychosocial interventions in mental health nursing. To a large extent, these strategies are applicable to pharmacological interventions as well. Therefore, one can only assume that, despite not having been stated explicitly by Breitborde et al., that the strategies are also meant to improve combinations of psychosocial and pharmacological interventions.


Psychosocial interventions for mental health disorders are effective if they are applied in a timely manner. These interventions also work best in combination with others, including pharmacological options. To improve the efficacy of psychosocial interventions, there is need to integrate current research into existing practices in mental care. To this end, the application of technology in research can greatly enhance treatment outcomes for patients with psychosis.




Breitborde, N. J. K., Moe, A. M., Ered, A., Ellman, L. M., & Bell, E. K. (2017). Optimizing psychosocial interventions in first‑episode psychosis: current perspectives and future directions. Psychology Research and Behavior Management, 10, 119-128.

Institute of Medicine (2001). Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health Care System for the 21st Century. Washington, DC: National Academy Press.

Lutgens, D., Gariepy, G., & Malla, A. (2017). Psychological and psychosocial interventions for negative symptoms in psychosis: systematic review and meta-analysis. The British Journal of Psychiatry, 210(5), 324-332.

McGorry, P. D. (2015). Early Intervention in Psychosis: Obvious, Effective, Overdue. J Nerv Ment Dis., 203(5), 310-318.

McKenzie, K. J. (2014). How Does Untreated Psychosis Lead to Neurological Damage? Can J Psychiatry, 59(10), 511-512.

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) (2014). Making mental health count. Paris, France: Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

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