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Stratification Media Analysis



Two and a Half Men is a television show in America that began broadcasting on CBS in late 2003 and ended in early 2015 after a completion of twelve seasons. Two and a half men series is a comedy show that had Jon Cryer, Charlie Sheen, and Angus T. Jones originally starring (Coon, 2010).  The show is about a self-indulgent jingling writer called Charlie Harper; his brother Alan; and Jake, a son to Alan. Alan divorces his wife and together with his son they move to Charlie's apartment which is a beachfront Malibu house. This totally complicates Charles life since he lives a freewheel life

Female stereotypes in Two and a Half Men

A closer analysis on Two and a half men show indicates how a woman is seen as just a mother, wife, daughter or a sex object (Kellner, 2007). This argument is quite relevant when a keen analysis is done on the gender roles.  The social inequality portrayed in the American TV series Two and a Half Men is stereotype against women. The main character of this series known as Charlie Harper is a composer of rich jungle. He lives in a mansion by an ocean beach together with Alan who is his brother and indulges in self-indulgent activities. Most importantly, Charlie is a great womanizer that loves hooking up with slim, sexy and extremely beautiful women. Even though he is in his forties, Charlie hates any type of long-term commitment to women. A problem arises when Charlie finally falls in love with not only a pretty woman but also a very intelligent one. He finds himself having a difficult of committing to her in the relationship and abstaining from the other sexual relationships with casual women.

Among the trendiest episodes of Two and a Half Men is the one that stars Megan Fox who is a sex symbol in the show. In this episode named ‘Camel Filters and Pheromones’, Megan plays the character of a sixteen-year-old young woman with deprived educational background.  When Megan Fox enters the house of Charlie, both men as well as Alan’s son, who is only ten years old, drool over her sexy body. She emerges on screen provocatively dressed and cleans the balcony windows provocatively as the two men watch. This episode portrays the concept of ‘men gaze’.

In a man’s gaze, a woman is like a sexual tool that should be made attractive for men.  The spectators of Two and a half men show views how a woman is portrayed through the perspective of Charlie (Boyle, 2007). The appearance of Megan Fox in this episode bears a strong erotic impact especially when the camera is focused on her body when she is in her bikini sunbathing on Charlie’s porch. It is the body that is given a closer shot, instead of her face.  This portrays a woman as an object that should only be admired for her physical appearance.  The media has greatly portrayed a woman as an object for men’s gaze.

Besides the numerous women that  are invited by Charlie over to his house for one night sex  in almost all the episodes, Another form of stereotype against woman is portrayed. The women characters that play minor roles are categorized in stereotypical roles too. For instance we have Rose, who in the show is portrayed as a stalker of Charlie, as well as a psychopath who has been rejected by Charlie over and over without success. Rose exhibits characteristics of submissiveness and unreasonable loyalty towards Charlie as she continues hoping that he would at some point sleep with her once more. Judith, who is the ex-wife of Alan, is portrayed as a vindictive and frustrated woman that gets very envious each time she gets any slight suspicion that her ex-husband is dating a new woman. It is only Evelyn, the mother of Charlie and Alan that is portrayed as truly intelligent. She dresses in elegant suits as well as conducts herself with a lot of sophistication. Nevertheless, she is also portrayed as a wicked and mean mother to the extent of his sons wanting to hide from her. She further is portrayed as being ‘heartless’ through the manner in which she dates rich old man with an aim of having a share of their inheritance. All the main characters of women are used to portray the weakness of women instead of their strengths.

In conclusion, the Two and a half men show portrays women as sexual pleasure objects for the male characters. On the same note, the minor roles women are indirectly referred to as ‘the ex-wife of,’ ‘the mother of’, and the ‘the ex-girlfriend of.’ Bertha is another lowly woman in the show since she plays the position of Charlie’s maid. Furthermore, in the show women are not given a chance to speak out and their character is only filtered through the perspective of men.

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