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Sample Essay Paper

Culturally-Related Health Barriers and Risks in Mozambique

Culture is a unique set of beliefs, customs, practices, social behaviors, and other elements shared by a particular group of people. With increasing awareness of cultural diversity and its importance in health provision, the first step to providing culturally appropriate health services is understanding the culture of each population. While culture is a source of identity and pride, it can also act as a hindrance to achieving better health outcomes. For example, cultural habits and practices such as traditional celebrations, beliefs, and dietary preferences can have a negative impact on health outcomes if they do not promote good health and wellbeing of a person.1 For instance, a diet rich in fats and high carbohydrate foods may not be for the heart. As noted, before introducing a public health program in a particular region/population, understanding the cultural factors that pose health risks and barriers is critical. Knowledge about these is important in developing a health program with mitigation strategies for the identified culturally related health barriers and risks. The project involves an examination of health-related barriers and risks posed by the Mozambican culture.


Mozambique is one of the countries in sub-Saharan Africa and like most countries in this region, it experiences various health challenges ranging from high rates of HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis, maternal and infant mortalities, malaria, and other infectious diseases. Mozambique has a population of over 22.8 million where a majority live in rural areas and only 23% of its population comprise urban settlements.2 The country is on the southeastern coast of Africa and borders other five African countries including Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Swaziland, as well as the Indian Ocean. The capital of Mozambique is Maputo located near the coast. Mozambique as any typical third-world country experiences severe drought making it among the poorest countries with a GDP of $3871 per capita.

Poverty in the country is attributed to political, social, and economic issues including low income, prolonged periods of conflicts, and poor economy. As a result, the country grapples with the ineffective health system and infrastructure as an aftermath of displacements and lack of development caused by wars and other factors. Lack of basic sanitation, poor coverage of health services, lack of potable water, food insecurity, poor infrastructure, and malnutrition just to mention a few are the elements that directly influence poor health outcomes in the country.3 The official language is Portuguese while other traditional languages are also spoken. Apart from language and the mentioned factors that determine poor health outcomes, the country’s culture also plays a critical role in undermining health access and outcomes for the people of Mozambique.   

Traditional Beliefs

The use of traditional healers and traditional medicine is a widely practiced norm in Mozambique. People have high regard and trust for the traditional healing methods than they do health services, especially in rural areas. The traditional medicines are available and accessible to everyone in the community including pregnant women. For example, pregnant women use traditional medicine in an exercise known as “closing the pregnancy” where the medicine is to protect one from premature births and miscarriages.4 The people believe that these medicines treat all kinds of ailments. The risk with traditional medicine is that there is no empirical evidence supporting its efficacy, safety, and effectiveness. Additionally, it is difficult to know the contents of the medicines, which in some cases might have deadly side effects on the body. For instance, women take herbal mixtures soaked in water to remove stretch marks in the process disregarding any possible side effects of these mixtures. For example, for pregnant women, the herbal mixture might kill the baby. The risks of these medicines to the baby extend from before delivery to after delivery. For instance, women are given a set of herbal mixtures to help with breastfeeding, but such contents are passed on from the mother to the baby through breast milk, which might harm the baby.5 Another example of traditional healing practice that poses a health risk is an intervention for loss of consciousness and seizure, which involves dropping cold water in the years, blowing on the face, or exposure to strong smells.  

The belief in witchcraft has a strong link to poor health outcomes among Mozambicans. The people believe that witchcraft is the cause of many societal problems including diseases, which occur through a supernatural/magical force.6 While the idea of witchcraft may sound outdated in modern society, a significant number of educated Mozambicans believe in witchcraft just like their uneducated counterparts. A good case example is the occurrence of mental illness in society. The people believe that individuals who are mentally ill are bewitched by the acts of witchcraft and are often referred to as “mad” or “crazy” among other stigmatizing terms. Given the belief that most diseases are caused by witchcraft, the people seek traditional and spiritual interventions rather than biomedical treatment.

Additionally, the fight against malaria in sub-Saharan African has recorded considerable progress owing to the understanding of the biological cause of Malaria. However, some communities in Mozambique still attribute the cause of malaria to supernatural factors such as witchcraft. For example, when clinical symptoms involve convulsions and other undesirable clinical manifestations, people believe that the cause of the disease is witchcraft.7 With such understanding, the first choice for treatment is homecare and other traditional remedies including witchcraft to counter the effect of perceived witchcraft. Another scenario that explains the deep-rooted belief in Witchcraft in Mozambique is the perception of reproductive health issues. Research conducted by Mariano (2016), reveals that Mozambicans believe a powerful and destructive force implanted in the body known as kutshamiwa controls reproductive issues.8 For instance, conception, pregnancy, and birth are not guaranteed owing to the negative force implanted in the body. As such, when a person has trouble with conception and other reproductive issues, the first option is to seek traditional healers with magical powers instead of going for professional intervention.

Traditional and Religious Practices and Celebrations

Traditional practices reflect the way of life of a people, which makes them a source of identity and pride. In Mozambique, traditional celebrations and practices are highly regarded and embraced by everyone in the society. The traditional celebrations and practices in Mozambique are many including weddings, the birth of a child, academic achievements, and death ceremonies. Similarly, other national and international festivities such as Christmas, AZGO Festival in Maputo, and CHOPI Music Festival among others are celebrated to highlight the rich culture of the country.9 Food is an important component of any festivity in this culture based on the belief that food brings people together. Some of the common foods in such festivities include meat and other high fatty and sugar content foods, which are consumed in large quantities. Increased consumption of unhealthy foods poses a health risk to individuals as they are rich in calorie content that is linked to cardiovascular issues, obesity, and other lifestyle conditions. Apart from traditional practices, there are religious practices and beliefs that either promote unhealthy dietary behaviors or create restrictions on the foods that the followers can consume.10 In both cases, the practices interfere with the proper nutritional content of the foods consumed by the followers creating a health concern.   

Misconceptions on pregnancy and delivery

Frequent antenatal visits and maternal health and wellbeing are critical for low maternal morbidity and mortality just like safe delivery and post-natal care. However, Mozambique is one of the countries with the highest maternal morbidity and mortality in low-income countries according to the World Health Organization. The rate of maternal mortality in sub-Saharan Africa is 62%, which is quite high despite the decline in maternal deaths worldwide.11 While a myriad of factors may be responsible for this outcome, culture plays a significant role in determining the outcomes by driving misconceptions and practices that compromise the health of the mother and baby. For example, the misconception that people should not talk about pregnancy before it starts showing make women delay attending their first ANC, which is critical to promote a healthy pregnancy journey. Mozambicans believe that revealing the news of the pregnancy while still small can cause bad luck such as miscarriage.12 The delay in starting ant-natal care is a health risk because it might cause complications later in the pregnancy as the women end up not attending the minimum required visits for ant-natal care.

Traditionally, men are the decision-makers in the family and even in cases of pregnancy and related issues, women must seek the male partner’s decision, which is more of a permission to engage in any health-seeking behavior. For example, when a woman is having pregnancy-related complications, instead of seeking professional help right away, they wait for the men who might be away at the time to come and give consent.13 In the case the husband is far away or unreachable, the mother-in-law assumes the role of a decision-maker on behalf of a pregnant woman. This means that the culture looks down upon women as vulnerable members of society who cannot make important decisions. The repercussion is that the women are not in charge of their health yet they are the ones who experience pain and complications. The designated decision-makers may not comprehend the extent of the complication and most often choose to try a midwife or traditional healer and only goes to a healthcare facility when the situation becomes out of control.14 The delay in seeking skilled/professional care when having complications increases the chances of maternal and infant death.

Similarly, when it comes to delivery, traditional birth attendants or midwives are the first choices for the women through their decision-makers. The choice of a midwife rather than skilled health attendants is driven by many factors including the fear of medical procedures and negative attitudes towards healthcare workers, as well as issues of accessibility and poorly equipped health facilities.15 Thus, the community trusts midwives and traditional birth attendants more than they do the health system and healthcare workers. The problem with this is the midwives are not skilled, but only rely on personal experience. As such, they cannot handle deliveries where complications arise. Moreover, the deliveries are carried out in less hygienic conditions that pose the risk of infection to the baby and the mother. Research shows that midwife deliveries have a high prevalence of infant death and seizures among other health issues.16 In some cases, the woman and child are taken to the hospital after birth, however, in the case of a serious complication, it might e too late to help the baby or the mother leading to the risk of maternal and infant mortality.         

Dietary Barriers and Sedentary Lifestyle

A good diet contains all the essential elements required by the body to promote healthy growth and development, as well as protection from diseases. In Mozambique, the staple food is cassava root commonly known in the country as mandioca from Portuguese origin.17 The staple food is prepared in various ways including baking and drying to make flour for porridge. While the people of Mozambique believe that the cassava root is all-sufficient, it does not contain all the nutrients required by the body. Cassava is highly-rich in carbohydrates and starch while lacks protein content, which is an important element that gives the body protection against diseases. The second staple food is corn, which is equally a high carbohydrate content food. Thus, the dietary intake by the people of Mozambique is highly rich in carbohydrates but lacks other essential nutrients.18 For example, malnutrition and other poor health outcomes related to lack of appropriate nutrients are common in the country. Similarly, due to the high number of young people and lack of employment, a majority lead a sedentary lifestyle characterized by a lack of exercise or physical activities. A sedentary lifestyle is a risk factor for chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems.

Social Behaviors

Social behaviors also make part of the culture that determines health outcomes. For example, stigma is widespread in Mozambican society because of inadequate knowledge about certain diseases. Some of the diseases that attract stigma include HIV and AIDS, Tuberculosis, mental illness, and sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea.19 Stigma affects health-seeking behavior by making people with these conditions shy away because of shame. For example, people suffering from mental health conditions are treated as outskirts, which makes it difficult for them to go for health checkups or confide in someone when they notice initial signs. Similarly, individuals with HIV and AIDs are associated with promiscuous behavior. As a result, those affected prefer to remain in the shadows rather than publicly seek health intervention because of fear of ridicule and shame.20 Other prominent social behaviors with Mozambicans include high rates of smoking, alcohol abuse, and the prevalence of promiscuous behavior. Smoking and alcohol abuse cause various health problems including cancer, heart conditions, and mental health issues. Similarly, promiscuous behavior is a risk factor for sexually transmitted diseases including syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia.

Culture is a fundamental component of a group of people as it defines and shapes people’s perceptions towards issues. As such, culture influences how individuals view health access and other health issues. In Mozambique, elements of culture that relate to health outcomes include the belief in witchcraft, misconceptions about pregnancy and delivery, the widespread use of traditional healing/medicine, social behaviors, poor dietary, cultural, and religious celebrations and practices, and culture of a sedentary lifestyle. The health risks include failure/delay to access health services leading to worsening of health conditions. Other health risks are increased prevalence of chronic conditions and sexually transmitted diseases.  


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