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Homework Help Service

Homework Help Service

Looking to hire a professional writer to handle your class assignments? Look no further! Brainstorm Essays is a trusted essay writing service with a qualified team of freelance writers always on standby to assist. At Brainstorm Essays, we value quality above all else. In fact, our assignment help service is perhaps one of the few services you can find online that allows you to pay on delivery as a quality assurance measure. What’s more, our writers are under strict obligation to deliver non-plagiarized papers. Therefore, by placing your order on our website, you are assured of a custom paper written to your satisfaction.

The Best Homework Help Service

There are thousands of websites nowadays claiming to offer assignment help services. The problem, however, is finding the best essay writing service that delivers quality papers at decent prices. Surprisingly, there are more fake companies than genuine ones online which to a greater extent have led to students losing money to swindlers. Nonetheless, there are ways in which serious students can identify the best homework help services. Firstly, the best assignment help service is one that is reliable in terms of both quality and timely delivery. Secondly, the best company ought to have a friendly support team that is available on a 24/7 basis. This is because as a customer there are times you may require clarifications or the need to ask questions and prompt responses will come handy. Thirdly, a good company should be affordable. However, the best homework help service is not always the cheapest. As such, you should be wary of websites offering academic help services at unreasonably lower prices. The truth of the matter is that academic writing is time consuming and there’s a lot of research and work that goes into writing.

Custom Homework Help Service

Paper writing is undoubtedly one of the fast growing businesses online. Sadly, in the quest to make huge profits, the majority of homework help companies have resorted to selling pre-written content to multiple customers.  Such behavior is not only unethical but also puts the student's grades at risk. Therefore, it is important for students seeking assignment help services online to consider ordering from websites that deliver custom written papers only. Moreover, ordering custom papers guarantee originality and assurance that your paper will stand out because it reduces similarity index which is heavily punished as plagiarism. Order from our custom essay writing service today and let our competent writers deliver outstanding work.

Online Homework Help Service

Long gone are the days when students were forced to seek assignment help services from tutors in physical locations. Today, the internet has made it possible for struggling college students to receive help right from the comfort of their homes. Most universities have also shifted classes from on campus to online which also prove the efficacy of online services. In fact, the majority of customers we receive on a daily basis are online students. One advantage of online assignment help service is that it connects you to professionals around the globe who are more knowledgeable in your area of study hence; increasing your chances of passing the courses, you consider difficult.


Cheap Homework Help Service

The majority of consumers of paper writing services are college/ university students. Considering the said target market operates under a tight budget, most of them look for cheap services in exchange for quality work. Unfortunately, such a combination is hard to come by. Most of the online writing companies that promise cheap services end up being a disappointment because they deliver work of inferior quality. While we understand the definition of cheap may vary from one student to the other, we insist on students focusing on quality and affordable services as opposed to simply “cheap.”

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Reliable Homework Help Service

Reliability is an important factor any serious student ought to consider when choosing an essay writing company for help with college assignments. A reliable homework help service is one that offers uninterrupted writing services on a 24/7 basis, ensures a timely response, and delivers quality work in a timely fashion. Bearing in mind that college assignments have deadlines, no student would want to risk placing an order on a website whose reliability is in question. Although the internet can at times be a letdown, there are some trusted websites with an excellent reputation. Brainstorm Essays is one such trusted company you can order from and rest assured of timely delivery. Try our services today, and you won’t regret it.

Customer Reviews

Subjects Covered

At Brainstorm Essays, we cover almost any area of study. However, there are some courses that students tend to seek related homework help services more, and as a company, we have channeled plenty of resources to enhance service delivery. Such resources include; dedicated support team, writers with an extensive background in specific areas of study, and access to a library of peer-reviewed resources.  These subjects include; psychology, nursing, criminology, health informatics, cultural studies, mechanical engineering, Leadership Studies, and business informatics.

Psychology Homework Help Service

Have your psychology paper written by experienced writers in the field of psychology. Our psychology essay writing service is indeed a unique one, and a must use for every psychology student. Not only are we affordable, but also deliver quality, non-plagiarized papers. What’s more, we hire writers who specialize in writing psychology academic papers and not just any other writer. The problem with online tutoring is that there are many fake writers claiming proficiency in writing academic papers regardless of area of study. While we can’t dispute that there are few gifted writers who can handle more than one subject, the majority of such writers fail to appreciate the fact that every academic discipline has special requirements that only someone with a background in a specific area of study can comprehend. Psychology is no different, and that’s why at Brainstorm Essays we offer you a unique platform to hire writers that we guarantee their ability to deliver in accordance with the desired quality.

Nursing Homework Help Service

Nursing is also an area of study that constitutes a major source of market for our services. Considering the difficulty level of nursing homework, most students prefer hiring a professional to help them write outstanding papers. The problem, however, is finding a reliable nursing essay writing service. Join our platform today and get connected to qualified writers who have undergone training in academic writing and duly certified to offer tutoring services. Some of them even have a working experience in health care institutions which means they can offer practical examples that will make your paper stand out. Whether you are an undergraduate, masters or Ph.D. nursing student, our writers will ensure you get an A paper.

Criminal Justice Homework Help Service

Criminology is a unique area of study in the sense that it demands extensive knowledge of the justice system. Additionally, a writer specializing in criminal justice ought to understand the justice system of a particular country or region. At Brainstorm Essays, we hire criminology writers from major countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia hence; sustaining a rich pool of qualified writers to hire from. Hire our criminology writers today, and allow them to do justice to your homework at a pocket-friendly cost.


Health Informatics Homework Help Service

Health informatics is a fast growing area of study thanks to technological advancements witnessed in the health care sector. Today, many universities are offering health informatics as an integrated or standalone course all in the quest to meet the growing demand for health informatics specialists. Due to the technical nature of the course and its difficulty level, students tend to seek professional help with class assignments. Regrettably, there are few companies offering health informatics homework help services. Brainstorm Essays is one such company, and despite the huge demand, we choose to offer excellent services at normal prices. Try our health informatics writing service today, and you won’t regret visiting our website.

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Cultural Studies Homework Help Service

Cultural Studies is mostly an integrated subject in almost every area of study. Nearly every organization requires employees who can easily adapt to their organizational culture and able to work efficiently with others regardless of their cultural differences. Therefore, attaining excellent grades in cultural studies is paramount. If you are looking for a trusted company with qualified writers experienced in cultural studies, consider our cultural studies essay writing service. We’ll deliver your paper in a timely fashion, and in accordance with paper instructions as well as personal preferences.

Mechanical Engineering Homework Help Service

Mechanical engineering is, without doubt, one of the technical courses perceived to be difficult by the majority of engineering students and basically every college student. Let our experienced writers help you tackle mechanical engineering assignments as you take care of the practical aspects of the course. Our mechanical engineering essay writing service is not only affordable but also reliable. With a dedicated team of writers and support staff with a background in engineering, you are assured of quality, non-plagiarized papers.

Business Informatics Homework Help Service

Today, many organizations have automated business processes hence; the increase in demand for business informaticists. In fact, more and more organizations are looking into hiring personnel with combined information technology, informatics and management skills as opposed to different employees for each skill/ competency. As such, universities and colleges have come forth to offer business informatics courses to train individuals that meet the said demand. If you are a business informatics student and need help with your homework, then feel free to place your order on our website and enhance your grades to secure yourself a space in the competitive market.

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Why US?

  • Qualified Writers- at Brainstorm Essays, we do not just hire any other writer, but professionals. All our writers undergo strict hiring process that entails testing their competence in various areas of study and ascertaining that indeed their academic background meets the required standard. Additionally, our writers are experienced owing to years of academic writing and offering homework help services.

  • Non-plagiarized Papers- we understand the need for originality and the impact it has on your grades. Therefore, by placing your order on our website, you are guaranteed of custom papers written from scratch. What’s more, all our papers are checked for plagiarism before submission to ensure you get an outstanding paper that is not a replica to any other elsewhere.

  • Timely Delivery- if you are looking for a paper writing company that won’t delay your assignment or let you down in regards to the deadline, then Brainstorm Essays is your sure bet. Our company has a strict policy that requires writers to deliver essays within the stipulated deadlines failure to which they risk fines, and even termination of services in worst case scenario. Therefore, we promise to adhere to your paper deadline, and if we feel there’s need for more time, then we’ll always communicate the same in a timely fashion.

  • Affordable- we understand that students operate under a tight budget, and especially students with limited pocket money. As a company formed with the interest of an ordinary student at heart, we offer paper writing service that is not only affordable but also meets the quality standards of academic writing.

  • Reliable- Brainstorm Essays is one of the most reliable companies you can find online. Place your order on our website and rest assured of timely delivery. What’s more, our service is open and accessible any time of the day or night, which means you can place urgent orders and always get a qualified writer to offer the much needed help.

  • Money-back Guarantee- we offer a money-back guarantee for all orders that fail to meet the desired quality or for one reason or the other is cancelled before the writer begins working on it. Importantly, our service is based on pay on delivery terms hence; you only pay for work you have previewed and approved of its quality.

Our Customers

Being an online company with a great reputation for delivering quality work, our market is spread across the globe, and anyone is eligible for the service. However, some countries top the list based on the amount of traffic and service requests we receive on a daily basis. Such countries include the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Homework Help Service USA

The number of students seeking assignment help services in the USA is ever increasing thanks to the high population of college/ university students. Taking into consideration the special features US based students look out for when searching for a reliable paper writing service, we developed a system that is easy to use and guarantees privacy. Regardless of your location in the USA, you can access quality services in a friendly and secure environment.

Homework Help Service UK

Although we do not operate physical offices in the UK, we have a superb online platform that takes care of the needs of our customers in the UK. For instance, we have a dedicated support team that attends to service requests exclusively from the UK. Moreover, we hire UK based writers who are well-conversant with trending issues in the UK to offer homework help services. Simply place your order via the order form provided on this page, and our writers will embark on it without delay.

Homework Help Service Canada

Canada is yet another huge market for paper writing services. Owing to the good reputation, we enjoy in the country; our company has witnessed an upsurge of orders from students struggling with class assignments. We also have a special team of support staff and writers on standby to handle service requests on a 24/7 basis.

Homework Help Service Australia

Are you an Australian student in need of a professional tutor to help you with your homework? Brainstorm Essays offers you a unique platform to hire some of the best writers you can find online. With our reliable service, you are assured of timely delivery regardless of your physical location in Australia. What’s more, we also hire Australian-based writers to cater for your language proficiency needs as well as delivery of well-thought out papers featuring valid examples unique to Australia.

Sample Essay

Foundational Neuroscience

Explain the agonist-to-antagonist spectrum of action of psychopharmacologic agents, including how partial and inverse agonist functionality may impact the efficacy of psychopharmacologic treatments.

The mechanism of medication action involves binding to the receptor, which leads to either inaction or action that causes changes in the body leading to an effect. The medications have a different mechanism of action categorized as antagonists, agonists, and inverse agonists. First, an antagonist is a substance that binds to the receptor but does not cause any reaction. On the contrary, it prevention activation of the receptor by other molecules or make it ineffective (Campbell & Cohall, 2017). Agonists are the opposite in that when they bind to the receptor, they cause action, that is regulate or activate the receptor to which they bind.

Partial and inverse agonists are substances that have only a moderate effect on the receptor. A partial agonist has both the characteristics of an antagonist and an agonist. It partially activates the receptor and partially hinders its ability for activation by another agonist. Inverse agonists are associated with a different level of efficacy than an agonist. According to (Berg & Clarke, 2018), inverse agonists limit the constitutive activity of an agonist. Thus, they reveal that medications have different levels of selectivity, which is an important consideration in drug development.   

Compare and contrast the actions of g couple proteins and ion gated channels.

The impermeability of the living cell membrane makes it incapable of absorbing ions. As such, uptake of such ions occurs through certain pores referred to as the ion channels. The ion channels are either regulated by ligand-gated ion channel or G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR) ion channel. GPCR are receptors that transmit a signal through G protein, which is capable of interacting with an enzyme or another ion channel to allow transmission of ions (Li, Wong, & Liu, 2014). Ligand-gated ion channels allow specific ions to go through the membrane by binding the ligand on the extracellular region of the membrane causing a change in the protein structure. In the process opening a membrane through a channel. The first similarity between the two ion channels is that they both extracellular binding domains at the N-terminus. Secondly, both receptors follow similar mechanisms associated with the transduction pathway, as well as structural patterns (Campbell & Cohall, 2017).

G-proteins are abundant in nature reaching up to 400 while and ligand-gated ion channels are few and only occur at the junction of the skeletal neuromuscular. Nevertheless, G-proteins are acted upon by slower receptors such as dopamine making them act in seconds while ligand-gated ions are faster; recording actions in milliseconds. The reason is that ligand-gated ion channels do not depend on signaling intermediates for activation. The ligand simply binds to the receptor and produces confrontational change that allows the formation of a channel and consequently the flow of ions across the membrane (Li, Wong, & Liu, 2014). On the other hand, G-proteins activate the enzymes increasing the levels of a secondary messenger in the cell, which in turn activates numerous channels and proteins that allow ions to pass through. Due to its pentameric structure, ligand-gated ions form transmembrane helixes for each of the five subunits on the channel lining that allows confrontational change to occur. In G-protein, confrontational change occurs at the cytoplasmic domain of the receptor.  

Explain how the role of epigenetics may contribute to pharmacologic action.

According to Stefanska and MacEwan (2015), epigenetics is important for understanding diseases with complex causes such as Alzheimer’s disease and cancers, as well as developing personalized medication. Epigenetic activity is essential for understanding genomic regulation beyond the common comprehension of a simple transcription factor of repression. Epigenetic activity is important for phenotypic regulation, but at the same time leads to the development of diseases particularly cancers. Rasool et al. (2015) also note that epigenetic alterations influence both the disease and normal state of a person. For example, DNA methylation is a type of epigenetic alteration that causes a disease. Understanding molecular alterations in individuals and how this affects drug response are important in utilizing the epigenetics knowledge to develop customized medicines considering the genetic factors of a person.

Explain how this information may impact the way you prescribe medications to patients

The understanding of epigenetics gives important insight into consideration and insight when prescribing medicine to patients. For a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, it is critical to understand that patients may react differently to drugs. For example, epigenetic molecular alterations may reduce the effectiveness of drugs in a person (Schuebel, Gitik, Domschke, & Goldman, 2016). For instance, such a scenario is compounded in elderly patients who due to biological changes have reduced ability to effective drug response. According to Durakovic and Vitezić (2013), pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic changes that occur in older adults affect the effectiveness of the response to antipsychotic medications. Older patients present with various hereditary and neuropsychiatric conditions such as schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease among others whose nature are complicated to understand (Durakovic & Vitezić, 2013). As such, when prescribing antipsychotic medications, it is essential that MHNP understands patient factors as some can have adverse side effects. The safety and efficacy of medications should be a priority.



Berg, K. A., & Clarke, W. (2018). Making Sense of Pharmacology: Inverse Agonism and Functional Selectivity. Int J Neuropsychopharmacol, 21(10), 962–977. doi: 10.1093/ijnp/pyy071.

Campbell, J., & Cohall, D. (2017). Pharmacodynamics—A Pharmacognosy Perspective. Pharmacognosy, 513-525.

Durakovic, Z., & Vitezić, D. (2013). Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics in the elderly. Periodicum Biologorum, 115(4),517-520.

Li, S., Wong, A., & Liu, F. (2014). Ligand-gated ion channel interacting proteins and their role in neuroprotection. Front Cell Neurosci, 8, 125. doi: 10.3389/fncel.2014.00125.

MacEwan, D. J., & Stefanska, B. (2015). Epigenetics and pharmacology. British Journal of Pharmacology, 172(11), 2701-2704. DOI: 10.1111/bph.13136.

Rasool, M., Malik, A., Naseer, M., Manan, A., Ansari, S., & Begum, I. (2015). The role of epigenetics in personalized medicine: challenges and opportunities. BMC Med Genomics, 8(Suppl 1), S5. doi: 10.1186/1755-8794-8-S1-S5.

Schuebel, K., Gitik, M., Domschke, K., & Goldman, D. (2016). Making Sense of Epigenetics. International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, 19(11), pyw058.

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