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You have been asked to develop two database management systems, one for a small departmental database and the other for a clinical data warehouse across several organizations. What type(s) of database software will you choose for each? Why? (Please write at least two paragraphs for 15 points).


The EHR implementation team of General Healthcare System, composed of four hospitals and 10 clinics, meets regularly to determine their data needs related to their upcoming implementation. Part of their task is to ensure that their EHR will meet the coding system, messaging, and other standards set forth by the national Meaningful Use requirements. While these standards are clear, they are encountering questions in areas where standards do not exist. For example, they need to be able to determine where within their system services have been provided, as well as how to assign roles within their EHR software. In addition to the software, the system needs to choose infrastructure for their information technology. As per the discussion in the book, this all requires standards—all four types of standards as described. Discuss the scenario and identify a minimum of one example of each type of standard the General Healthcare System implementation team will need to use for their project (15 Points)

Hint: Discuss 1.  Ad Hoc Standards 2. De Facto Standards 3. ____________ 4. __________


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