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Health Informatics Essay Writing Service

The healthcare industry has experienced tremendous changes over the years. One such notable change is the expansive use of technology. It is for this reason that many universities have introduced Health informatics as a special program that addresses such changes. Basically, the program focuses on the implementation of electronic health records and the use of data on quality of care as well as insurance reimbursements.

“I need help with my health informatics essay” or “I need an experienced writer for help with my health informatics paper” are some of the requests we receive from undergraduate, masters and even PhD students in need of health informatics homework help services. Some students even request for help with specific topics such as health economics, health care policy and patient privacy legislation.

Brainstorm Essays is a reliable essay writing service online that offers professional assignment help services to students taking Health Informatics among other major courses. Whether it’s a research paper, essay, term paper, thesis or dissertation paper or simply a class assignment, our essay writing service guarantees an outstanding health informatics paper.

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The best essay writing service for your health informatics papers is one that understands perfectly what you need. Brainstorm Essays is a reliable company that has been in the industry for a long time now. In fact, our writers have written more papers in health informatics than you can imagine. So, what exactly qualifies Brainstorm Essays as one of the best essay writing service for health informatics papers? The internet is full of online essay writing companies promising to answer all your essay problems, but not all address your specific needs. Brainstorm Essays boasts of ranking among the best on the basis of affordability, reliability, quality, timely delivery and plagiarism free essay papers. Moreover, the best feature of our service is that it allows you to place an order free of charge and only pay when you are satisfied that the paper meets your requirements.

Health Informatics Writers

All our health informatics writers are highly qualified and experienced. In fact, we only hire essay writers with a solid background in healthcare informatics to specifically handle health informatics papers. Most of our writers have worked with us for more than two years and even the newly hired must demonstrate working history with a reputable writing company. As such, the level of experience boasted by our writers cannot be questioned.

One of the benefits of entrusting experienced writers with your paper is that you eliminate doubts of substandard work. Health informatics is not a program many writers can claim to be well conversant with considering it borrows concepts from both IT and Healthcare. However, experienced healthcare informatics writers, such as the ones we’ve employed, understand the various concepts and expectations of health informatics papers hence; you are guaranteed of an outstanding paper when you hire our services. The other benefit is that having written many papers, experienced writers are familiar with most essay topics on health informatics and as such, delivery of quality papers is a guarantee.

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Brainstorm Essays offer pocket-friendly services while maintaining quality. The reason we offer affordable essay writing services to students seeking help with health informatics essays is because we understand the financial struggles of university students. We want to help you achieve your academic goals without worrying about service costs.

Although we consider ourselves affordable/ pocket-friendly, the term “cheap” emanates from satisfied clients who have tried other services and made personal comparisons. One of the reasons they term our health informatics writing services “cheap”, is because of our flat rate charge. Most companies lure customers by stating unrealistically low charges only for clients to be surprised by huge costs when they try to place an order. Brainstorm Essays is a reliable and honest essay writing company with no hidden charges. What you see is exactly what you will be charged i.e., $ 13.50 per page for non-technical essays and $ 15.50 for technical ones. In other words, our prices do not fluctuate regardless of your level of study. Whether it’s an undergraduate, masters or doctorate (PhD) level paper they are all billed at the same rate. Please check out our service pricing to learn more.

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Health Informatics Essay Papers

Brainstorm Essays is one of the leading reliable sources of high quality non-plagiarized health informatics papers online. All our health informatics papers are 100% original written from scratch by professional writers. Examples of papers we deliver include thesis and dissertations, term papers, research papers and generally, all types of academic papers.

Custom Written Health Informatics papers

All our papers are custom written to produce outstanding essays. If you are looking to buy custom health informatics essay papers, then consider original work written by our competent writers. Simply submit your paper instructions, provide detailed description of how you want your paper to be written and work closely with our writers to produce the kind of paper you want. It is very important to discuss your paper instructions with the writer, especially if it’s a long paper such as thesis/ dissertation, so that the writer understands your personal preferences aside from the original instructions. For instance, you might want the writer to include specific examples from your experiences in the field of health informatics or specific information from your personal research.

Health Informatics Homework Help

Our company understands the struggle health informatics students go through trying to tackle difficult assignments.Therefore, we offer you a unique platform to access homework help services from the comfort of your home. Our qualified writers are available 24/7 to help you with your homework regardless of it's difficulty level. By hiring our writers you are assured of timely delivery, quality, non-plagiarized papers and more importantly, confidentiality. 

Non-plagiarized Health informatics essays

Brainstorm Essays has a clear policy in regards to plagiarism. Our health informatics writers are required to run the written papers through credible plagiarism software to weed our significant parts that may have been detected as plagiarized. Delivering plagiarized papers is a serious offense and writers risk being fired from the team. In other words, we want you to get quality work that you can use either in your revision or as a guide for your own project.

Health Informatics Essay Writing Service USA

Considering the rise in the number of US universities offering Health informatics program, our company has invested heavily in writing resources to ensure students who need help with their health informatics essays are assisted. Brainstorm Essays employs native English speaking writers with some sourced from the USA in order to facilitate quality delivery of health informatics essays. Writers based in the USA are more knowledgeable and up to par with the emerging trends in the field of health informatics hence, are able to deliver unique essays based on valid examples.  

Health Informatics essay writing Service UK

Looking for a credible and reliable health informatics essay writing service in the UK? Brainstorm Essays is at your service 24/7. Our online platform is open to all students studying in the UK. As stated elsewhere on this page, we hire native English speaking writers and that includes writers based in the UK. This is indeed important because such writers are well versed with the university education system and are in a position to use local examples to produce outstanding health informatics essay papers.


Sample health informatics papers
Sample #1

The process of Selecting and Acquiring an Information System for the Health Care Organization


Capturing the benefits of Health Care Information systems for hospitals and providers that are not part of the integrated system can be quite a challenge. Majority of the physicians from such systems have been more reluctant in adopting Information Systems due to its financial harm among other factors. Implementing an Information System whether in the practice of a single physician or in integrated care delivery system involves a lot of expenditure. For instance, a health care system will be required to have initial software, hardware and technical cost for installing the system, fees for the license, maintenance cost and opportunity costs (Drucker, 2009).

Another factor that could be limiting the installation of Information systems in healthcare is social costs.  One social cost is the risk of losing privacy.  The information systems purchasers should comply with the rigorous federal and state rules as well as standards that are intended to protect the privacy of the patient; this protection is greatly expensive and therefore some healthcare organizations can have problems complying. On the other hand, patients whose physicians use the Information Systems can feel like their privacy is at risk and may prefer paper records over these systems. Finally, the rapid technological changes can create a boundary in acquiring these systems; it can be quite expensive for any organization to keep pace with the dynamic innovations in technology.





Drucker, P. (2009). Management Challenges for the 21st Century. Harper Business Press; New York:


Health Informatics Sample #2

Health Informatics

The privacy risks of Health Informatics

Though health informatics assures total privacy and security of information, with access control being by providers and patients only, there is still a risk of unauthorized access to the information of the patient. In most cases, the privacy breach is caused by the patient when he/she decides to share the data with friends who can, in turn, spread it through social networks. The risk also lies on the doctor’s side since the patient is also able to view all his/her medical reports. This can be frightening especially if the patient learns that he is suffering from dreadful conditions.  Without prior counseling, such knowledge can negatively affect the patient, and the healing process (Bates, 2010).

Security safeguards

There are a number of laws designed to protect personal health information of Americans whether in paper form or electronically. The Privacy Act of 1974 controls any information collected by federal government or its agencies. This legislation allows patients to know the information collected about them, guarantee the authenticity of the data and acquire information copies. The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient Records policy allows added privacy in drug or alcohol-abuse program that is federally assisted. Diagnosis, identity, and treatment are all treated as private information.

Strategies for evaluating the effectiveness of Health Informatics

Evaluation of Health Informatics effectiveness is very crucial in any Healthcare organization. At the initial stage, the evaluator should study and understand the need of the health informatics. The evaluator should then study the system development and seek to find the system’s validation. He should then intervene or approve of the system in step three, then finally deploy or integrate the system (Philips, 2009).




Bates, D. (2010). Using information technology to reduce rates of medication errors in hospitals. British Medical Journal

Philip R. (2009).Clinical research informatics: challenges, opportunities, and definition for an emerging domain. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association