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The First-Time Manager

Being a first time manager is a really challenging task. Unlike an employee who simply carries out specific orders to accomplish a given task, a manager is expected to oversee a number of employees and ensure duties are executed as expected. What makes management a more complex duty is the fact that a manager has to make numerous decisions that can sometimes be tough. In addition, the success of an organization rests in how best the management relates with employees. Therefore, this paper will give a brief overview of the book “The First-Time Manager” by Loren B. Belker, Jim McCormick and Gary S. Topchik which basically acts as a guide to those handling management roles for their first time.

The truth about being a first-time manager is that one is faced with new responsibilities and there’s no room for trial and error. As such, the book covers various topics that are core to business management. Such topics include; leadership, dealing with superiors, hiring and firing, motivation, training and managing time among others. What makes this book a must-have for all those aspiring to venture into a career in management is the fact that it’s written in a more captivating and accessible style making it easy to follow and understand.

Shifting focus to the core concepts of this book, it is interesting to note that it does not teach individuals who have just been promoted to managerial level to be bossy over others, but rather to gain their support and commitment and cause them to be self-directed (Belker, McCormick, & Topchik, 2012). As indicated elsewhere in this paper, the book also talks about training and motivation. This is indeed important because a manager who trains and motivates his/her employees creates a favorable environment for growth and success.

Indeed business management requires special skills for a business to be successful. Based on the fact that it is a practice that involves bringing together the efforts of individuals to accomplish goals, there is need for first-time managers as well as experienced ones to work closely with their direct reports and those above them. A good manager should look out for competent qualities when recruiting new employees and should know when to fire and how best to do it without favoritism or bias. Mood management is also necessary because people are different and can create conflicting situations (Belker, McCormick, & Topchik, 2012). In general, the success of an organization depends highly on management among other key factors and hence, one should act diligently when entrusted with the responsibility of a manager.


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Belker, L. B., McCormick, J., & Topchik, G. S. (2012). The First-Time Manager. AMACOM.


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