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The definition of “CHEAP” varies from person to person. Nonetheless, cheap in the context of essay writing service refers to a service that is affordable to all, delivers quality essays, offers professional essay writing, and flexible prices. One major reason students seek cheap essay writing services online is that they operate on a tight budget. The cumulative cost incurred throughout the semester and by extension, the entire course period may be a burden to some students hence, the need to seek pocket friendly services. Brainstorm Essays is undoubtedly one of the cheapest/ affordable homework help services online. Our unique pricing strategy ensures clients enjoy great prices, writers are well paid, and the company makes profit leading to a win-win situation for all parties.

 Best Cheap Essay Writing Service

The internet is flooded with thousands of websites claiming to offer cheap essay writing service. Unfortunately, the definition of “cheap”, according to the majority of such websites, is synonymous with low quality. This, therefore, has forced clients to look beyond just a cheap essay writing service, and instead search for the best cheap essay writing service. We consider ourselves the best in the industry because we do not conform to the notion that “cheap” is inferior. Despite the low pricing, we are committed to the delivery of quality writing services.

Cheap Essay Writing Service Online

Indeed the ground is shifting from the traditional face to face essay help to online essay help. Despite a few challenges, the online platform is by far confidential and accessible from the comfort of your home. Unfortunately, finding a cheap essay writing service online is not a walk in the park.  Most are very expensive, and even those that promise extremely low prices turn out to be the most expensive due to hidden charges or undisclosed factors such as level of study and deadlines that affect pricing. Brainstorm Essays is a cheap essay writing service because unlike our competitors; we do not have hidden charges. Prices are as stated and are not affected by your level of study or deadlines.

Cheap Essay Writing Service Reviews

Service reviews play a significant role in determining the quality of service offered by an essay writing service. In fact, owing to the rising number of fake and unscrupulous essay writing websites, the majority of students search for cheap essay writing service reviews to make an informed decision on which company to entrust with their essay.

Why Brainstorm Essays is a Cheap Essay Writing Service

  • Flat rate prices for undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. papers- One of the features of our essay writing service that sets us apart from the rest is our pricing strategy. Brainstorm Essays is a cheap essay writing service because unlike our competitors, our services are charged on a flat rate basis. In other words, prices do not vary, whether you are an undergraduate, masters or PhD student.  The only exception is if you are taking a technical course such as engineering and IT which we charge slightly higher than non-technical subjects.

  • Best Essay writers at an affordable cost- Brainstorm Essays is a cheap essay writing service because we offer you a unique platform to hire some of the best essay writers you can find online at an affordable cost. Our pricing strategy is designed in such a way that writers are highly paid to write quality essays and clients are charged lower than the existing market prices. This leaves the company with little profit, but considering the many orders we receive on a daily basis, we end up making a meaningful profit. What's more, our writers offer custom essay writing services hence; no need to worry about plagiarism.

  • Pay on Delivery (POD) Essay Writing Service- Online transactions are risky, and trust is hard to come by. Not every company that claims to offer academic writing services is legit, and in fact, many have lost money to unscrupulous companies online that advertise low prices to lure unsuspecting students. Our Cheap essay writing service is trustworthy because we employ a Pay on Delivery (POD) billing strategy that ensures you only pay for what you’ve seen and approved of.

  • Two Weeks of free Revision- Our writers strive to deliver quality work, but in the unlikely event you require revision, our writers will swing into action free of charge as long as the revision request is submitted within two weeks after the expiry of the stipulated deadline. Comparing with our competitors who charge for the same service, you will appreciate that indeed Brainstorm Essays is a cheap essay writing service.

  • Free Plagiarism Check Services- Plagiarism is a serious academic offense that every student struggles to avoid. Many essay writing websites take advantage of this fact and hence, charge exorbitant prices to deliver non-plagiarized papers. We are a cheap essay writing service because we believe students do not have to pay extra to receive non-plagiarized papers. In any case, the reason students seek assignment help services is to have a professional writer deliver outstanding essays free of plagiarism.

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Cheap Essay Writing Service USA

Looking for a cheap essay writing service in the USA? Look no further! Brainstorm Essays is your number one source for affordable, high quality academic writing services. Although our business operates purely on an online platform, we have a dedicated team of writers and support team that handle essay writing requests from students studying in the USA. We are cheap because not only are our prices lower than those of our competitors, but we also offer premium services such as plagiarism check completely free of charge. What’s more, we offer unlimited revisions for two weeks after we submit your paper.

Cheap Essay Writing Service Canada

Our client base keeps expanding by the day, and Canada is one of the countries that constitute the growing market. Although the market is flooded with essay writing companies, few are reliable thereby pushing the prices high. Brainstorm Essays is the game changer. For as little as USD 13.50 per page, you can have your paper written by a professional essay writer. The need to introduce a cheap essay writing service in Canada stems from the fact that there are many students studying in Canada, and for one reason or the other they need academic writing services but are scared of the high market prices.

Cheap Essay Writing Service UK

Students in the UK can also access our services on a 24/7 basis. We have experienced writers that are well acquainted with the UK curriculum guidelines and willing to offer essay writing services at a cheap/ affordable cost.

Sample Essay

Nursing Informatics of the Future

Historically, nursing informatics emerged from the desire to improve service delivery and cope with emerging challenges in the nursing profession. As primary caregivers, nurses are expected to offer support to the patient through illness and health, monitor their progress, administer medications, and document their health progress among other responsibilities. These accountabilities can be overwhelming which can give room to errors and poor coordination among caregivers. However, nursing informatics has been able to solve these challenges. Weaver et al (2019), argues that today, nurses can collect, analyze and manage the information obtained from patients which facilitates their mode of service delivery. The benefits associated with nursing informatics are many. The possibilities of future advancements in this field are even numerous. Nevertheless, nursing informatics is facing various challenges that need to be addressed if sustainable healthcare is to be achieved.

There are diverse benefits that the nursing profession has derived from nursing informatics that have greatly improved healthcare provision. The ability to access consolidated nursing information has improved both the quality of services offered and the time taken to deliver such services (Wang et al, 2019). Sites containing evidence-based resources such as nursing reference center has exposed nurses to current information that advice on the most efficient ways offer nursing services and generally improve the overall health of an individual patient. Additionally, nursing informatics has opened an array of collaboration channels with other care providers that can lead to the future development of new and better methods that will improve on the current method of service delivery used in the nursing profession.

Apart from improving the quality of care provided by caregivers, nursing informatics improves the safety of patients and care providers. The use of electronic devices minimizes the chances of errors occurring that can result from patients' records being misplaced or omissions that can be detrimental. The use of bedside computers, for instance, can help document patient's data chronologically which eases communication between the patient and other members of the healthcare team. In the future having more connected devices that will enhance the collection and sharing of patient data in real-time will greatly improve the quality of the caregivers.

Well-coordinated nursing informatics can improve process efficiency which will consequently improve the quality of care provided. A well-designed system where a combination of electronic devices are sharing patient information can facility easy decision making, help nurses answer questions and ease the flow of activities through the inter-departmental connectivity created by informatics. Consequently, patients get fast and quality services while the clinicians get more free time that can be spent on other projects.

Despite the myriad benefits accrued to nursing informatics, there are several present as well as future challenges facing this innovation. Since nursing informatics is still a young field, many nurses are finding it difficult to adapt to the new system where all the patient data should be fed to electronics. According to Booth (2016), most of them are required to take up refresher courses that will improve their knowledge of how nursing informatics merge with clinical knowledge, information management, and information management. Apart from these current challenges, nursing informatics is facing future challenges such as how to secure the enormous patient data being fed into electronics to ensure that such information does not get into the hands of an unauthorized person. Additionally, financial challenges will need to be addressed to ensure every healthcare facility has both the required equipment as well as enough informaticists who will ensure the process is efficient.

In conclusion, nursing informatics has revolutionalized the healthcare field. The benefits span far and wide from easing service delivery, reduced errors, and improved service delivery to better coordination of care. The field is however faced with challenges that include lack of adequate infrastructure and enough trained nursing informaticists. But despite the challenges, nursing informatics holds much for the future in terms of improving quality and safety in healthcare.




Booth, R. G. (2016). Informatics and nursing in a post-nursing informatics world: future directions for nurses in an automated, artificially intelligent, social-networked healthcare environment. Nursing Leadership, 28(4), 61-69.

Wang, J., Gephart, S. M., Mallow, J., & Bakken, S. (2019). Models of collaboration and dissemination for nursing informatics innovations in the 21st century. Nursing outlook.

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