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Looking to hire a professional writer to write your essay? Look no further! Brainstorm Essays is a trusted custom essay writing service with years of experience in academic writing. With a dedicated team of qualified writers, you are assured of quality essays delivered in a timely fashion. What’s more, our homework help service is affordable, and there are no hidden charges. Regardless of your level of study or deadline, our prices are fixed, i.e., $ 13.50 per page for non-technical essays and $ 15.50 for technical ones such as mechanical engineering and IT essays.

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Finding the best essay writing service is not an easy task, but with a few important tips, you should be able to pick the best one. One important factor to consider is whether the company you intend to use has a clear policy on the delivery of non-plagiarized essays. Also, it is important to get an assurance from the company that the writers hired qualify for the task. At Brainstorm Essays, we understand what it takes to write custom essays, and therefore, issues of plagiarism cannot be put to question. In fact, we have a policy that requires writers to run papers through plagiarism check software before forwarding to customers. Moreover, we hire writers through a highly competitive process and have a quality monitoring system in place to ensure quality delivery is maintained at all times. The best part is that you have a chance to preview your paper before releasing payment to ascertain that indeed the paper meets the desired quality.

Cheap Custom Essay Writing Service

Although the definition of “Cheap” varies from person to person, “cheap” in the context of custom essay writing services refers to a service that is affordable to students and at the same time delivers quality. Unfortunately, such a combination is hard to come by because the majority of companies promising cheap essay writing services end up delivering poor quality essays and those that deliver quality are few and charge exorbitant prices. The aspect of “custom” also affects pricing because the writer has no option but to write from scratch according to customer specifications. We value our customers, and in fact, our essay writing service was designed with a typical college student in mind. We believe that since many students operate on a tight budget, there is absolutely no reason to charge exorbitantly for a service they need throughout the semester and probably the entire course.

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Top Custom Essay Writing Service

Every essay writing company strives to rank among the top custom essay writing services, and Brainstorm Essays is no exception. Over the years, our company has invested in essay writing tools and continuous training of writers to help them sharpen their custom essay writing skills. As a result, we’ve managed to build good relationships with our customers amounting to enhanced customer service.  The positive reviews we receive by the day tell it all, and without a scintilla of doubt, we pride ourselves as one of the top custom essay writing services online. One comment shared by almost 90% of our customers is the ability of our writers to follow instructions and work closely with clients to deliver quality custom essays.

Custom Essay Writing Company

There are thousands of essay writing companies online, but very few offer custom writing services. This is because most of them sell ready essays as opposed to essays written from scratch. The danger, however, is that ready essays are sold to multiple customers hence, compromising originality. At Brainstorm Essays, we strongly recommend ordering custom essays to avoid plagiarism. We have expert writers with years of experience writing academic essays ready 24/7 to help you write an outstanding paper. Whether it’s an undergraduate, masters or PhD level paper, our writers are adept at producing quality work.  All that is required of you is to outline paper instructions and upload additional materials if any, and then wait for our writers to do what they know best.

Custom Essay Writing Online

Gone are the days when students used to visit physical shops to get custom essay writing services. Today, students can get help right from the comfort of their homes, thanks to technological advancements. Not only are online transactions faster, but also safe because customers can ask for help anonymously. Brainstorm Essay offers custom essay writing online for the lowest price on the market. Our online platform is secure and easy to use. In fact, our “No sign up” approach guarantees you privacy because no information about you is stored in our database.

Professional Custom Essay Writing Service

Essay writing is, without doubt, a lucrative business, and many people are rushing to design essay writing websites without the required expertise and experience to offer the service. Therefore, it is important for customers to conduct due diligence before ordering from any company online. A professional custom essay writing service is one that employs writers who take writing as their primary source of income. In other words, they train to specifically write and are experts. Their knowledge of different essay writing styles, referencing, and general expectations of academic writing cannot be put to question.

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Custom Essay Writing Services Canada

Apart from the USA, UK, and Australia, Canada is also one of the countries that constitute our large market. Indeed we understand the strictness of Canadian universities hence; our endeavor to deliver quality custom essays at all times. More importantly, we have a dedicated support team handling service requests specifically from Canada. This means you can ask for custom essay writing services from anywhere in Canada and at any time and you are assured of a timely response.

Why Students Buy Essays from Custom Essay Writing Services

Students face numerous academic challenges, including finding time to study and understanding course content. Along with addressing these challenges, students also struggle to strike a balance between academic demands, work, personal responsibilities, and social experiences. All these factors explain why students prefer buying custom essays to writing on their own.

Time management, for instance, is a big issue for nearly every college student. Research shows that nearly 40% of students are non-traditional. Working full time, meeting family obligations and many other obligations make it very difficult to concentrate on studies. In effect, many students opt to buy essays from custom essay writing services.

Assignments are critical in the sense that they add up to the overall grade of a student. Given the quality of essays delivered by legit custom essay writing services, some customers request essay writing help simply to boost their academic grades and gain competitive advantage over their peers. This is especially true for students taking elective classes.

The pressure to write original papers is also a reason students buy custom essays. This is because genuine custom essay writing services are known to deliver quality, non-plagiarized papers. This means that students can easily engage professionals to acquire great model papers to aid their research and rest assured that they won’t suffer the effects of plagiarism.

Lastly, students buy custom essays from custom essay writing services because they want to enhance their essay writing skills. Papers delivered by professional writers are, as aforementioned, of high quality. Therefore, students can use them as model papers to understand the various essay writing styles, how to insert proper citations and generally, how to tackle various essay topics.

Sample Custom Essay

Information Literacy Assignment

With the proliferation of information technology, accessing healthcare information through various technological platforms such as websites has become a norm for many people. Websites provide an opportunity through which health institutions, organizations, and even individuals deliver educative and informative content to the world’s audience. These platforms are useful as they reach many people including those experiencing barriers to health access (Sbaffi & Rowley, 2017). Consequently, the audience relies on such information to learn about health matters and make important decisions regarding their health. However, not all websites are reliable as some information may be simply written by a layperson with no expertise in the topic of healthcare in general. Thus, it is necessary to evaluate these websites and determine their strengths and weaknesses to conclude on the reliability of the information provided.

The American Diabetes Association Website

The American Diabetes Association website is a dedicated platform for information and education to the diabetic patient population together with their families. Apart from information on diabetes treatment, the website also provides extensive educative materials on fitness regimes, nutrition, and meal planning, and lifestyle changes to help people with diabetes positively manage their health for a better quality of life (American Diabetes Association, 2021). Additionally, the website connects patients with diabetes to professionals and support groups around their communities. The website provides links to other useful resources for people seeking further information and support. The first element to check for when determining the credibility and reliability of website information is the source. The website belongs to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), which is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with diabetes achieve an improved quality of life through appropriate management of their conditions.


Authority is an important factor in the evaluation of a website because it determines the credibility of the author of information and whether they have the necessary expertise (Sbaffi & Rowley, 2017). The information on the website is provided by the (ADA), which is an organization and a reputable one. The organization relies on professionals who are diabetes experts to write educative and informative pieces meant to help people with diabetes. The ADA provides organized health information for its audience. However, the website does not include names of specific health professionals who contribute to the information. Thus, it becomes challenging to verify the affiliations of the authors working with the organization to produce educative content for the diabetes patient population. Nevertheless, the website gives contact information that any person wishing to follow up and know more about the information. The contact information is located at the bottom of the page (American Diabetes Association, 2021). Thus, the author being a reputable organization and availability of contact information gives the website the strength of authority that contributes to its credibility and reliability.

Validity and Quality

Another important factor to consider when using information from a website is the quality of information. One of the ways of determining quality is the currency of information. One weakness with the ADA website is that it is difficult to determine the currency of information since the date of the last review is not indicated. However, the bottom of the website features copyright information, which is 1995-2021 (American Diabetes Association, 2021). This means that the website is currently up to date with reviews including the information provided. Moreover, no errors, spelling mistakes, and other low-quality writing are noted from the website's content. Thus, the information possible passed through an expert review, which gives it strength for validity and quality. Furthermore, the website is easy to navigate through, which is another strength. The website has a list of contents provided by the website, which a person clicks on to read more about that feature. Clicking on a category does not open a new window, but only a new page with detailed information. Ease of navigation is a strength because when the website is complicated or has links that do not open, it becomes frustrating for the users and a turn-off. Additionally, the website is highly interactive with boxes search as “learn more” and “take charge”.

Website Funding

Website funding is important to consider when critiquing a website because it creates the possibility of bias (Sbaffi & Rowley, 2017). For example, a commercial website is likely to have more bias than a non-profit organization. In this case, the website is non-profit-based, which limits the possibility of bias. The lack of bias is a strength as it enhances the reliability and credibility of the information. The organization has nothing to gain but is only interested in providing the information to those who need it. ADA, however, is funded by several organizations some of which as commercial-based such as Dannon yogurt, Kraft, and Lilly Diabetes among others (American Diabetes Association, 2021). Given that these corporates are profit-minded, it creates concern about the possibility of a conflict of interest. Nevertheless, no visible conflict of interest. Moving on, the website does not have any pop-up advertisements, if present would not only be annoying but also indicate a conflict of interest. There are some messages, however, calling upon the audience for support through donations and other initiatives. This is normal with such non-profit websites as they rely on donations and philanthropic funding to carry out their activities.

Privacy and Disclosure                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The website allows people to register and create accounts, which means they collect personally identifiable information. The website also collects credit card information when people donate to the organization. As such, understanding the privacy policy and how such collected data is used and protected is critical to users (Fisher et al., 2017). The website discloses that it may use personal information to improve the website, provide customized content to users, give suggestions, and send information when a person chooses this option. The website uses the information provided by individuals to optimize performance and experience (American Diabetes Association, 2021). Additionally, the privacy policy emphasizes that the website does not share personal information with exception of circumstances under legal requirements and protection of the rights of ADA. However, the website acknowledges that ADA may share certain personal information with business partners for a legitimate purpose. The website retains the collected information indefinitely but does not give details on how the privacy of personal data is secured from a possible security breach.

The ADA website reviewed provides useful information with the target audience being people with diabetes and their families. The information provided by the website is educative and includes content for support and advice on dietary, nutrition, and physical exercise issues that assist people with diabetes lead a healthy quality of life. The website has several strengths including being reputable both as a sponsor and author of the information. It uses professionals who are experts in the field, which gives reliability to the information shared on the site. Another strength is the validity and high quality of the information provided since the content is reviewed and edited by experts. Further, the organization is a non-profit entity, which means they do not avail the information for business gains, but to help people who are in need. Concerning privacy and disclosure, ADA gives an extensive policy that outlines the collection, use, and sharing of personal data. The weaknesses of the website include failure to include the date of the last review, and personal information of the authors, which makes it complex to determine the expertise. Nevertheless, the strengths outweigh the weaknesses, which means the website is credible and provides quality, reliable information.    



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