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The Best Essay Writing Service

The Best Essay Writing Service

It is no doubt technology has made it easier for students to get essay help online, but finding the best essay writing service for the task is increasingly becoming difficult. This is because most essay writing companies do not adhere to quality delivery of services and some are a complete rip-off. Brainstorm Essays offers you a unique platform to hire competent writers for help with your academic essays. Affordability, quality, timely delivery and privacy are some of the qualities that place our company among the best homework help services online.

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Affordability is a key aspect of an essay writing service that many students consider when seeking assignment help services. This is because the majority of students operate on a tight budget and taking into consideration the fact that assignments are issued at least on a weekly basis, the overall cost during the semester can be high. In fact, there are many students who need essay help services, but due to the high cost of such services online or cheap but low quality services, they are locked out. The best essay writing service is one that ensures students access quality writing services at a pocket friendly cost.

The Best Essay Writing Service Online

Indeed there are thousands of academic writing websites online, but finding the best essay writing service is not a walk in the park. This is because the internet is uncontrolled hence; anybody can create a writing website without proof of competency. In fact, many students have lost their money to fake websites that either couldn’t provide the service or delivered poor quality work. Therefore, it is important for students seeking essay writing services online to undertake a thorough investigation to determine the legitimacy of a company before placing orders. Brainstorm Essays is the best essay writing service online because of an array of reasons. To begin with, we do not require upfront charges which mean placing an order on our website is free of charge, and you only pay for what work you’ve seen and approved of. Also, we undertake the responsibility of hiring the best essay writers through a competitive process to ensure your paper is handled by professional and experienced writers only.

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Why Brainstorm Essays is the Best Essay Writing Service Online

Our company enjoys an unmatched reputation in the market thanks to excellent service delivery. Based on customer reviews and surveys conducted by our company, we rank best in customer support, timely delivery, quality, competent writers, and affordability.

  • Friendly Customer Support- Brainstorm Essays is by far the best essay writing service in regards to customer support. Not only do we offer 24/7 customer support services, but we also hire friendly staff to take you through the ordering process, address service requests and any other relevant request or support you may require. Simply click our support tab and chat live with one of our agents.

  • Timely Delivery- One critical aspect of academic writing is timely delivery. In fact, many students who seek essay writing services do so because of their inability to submit their essays within the stipulated deadline owing to other commitments such as work or simply due to the difficult nature of the paper. Brainstorm Essays is the best essay writing service because we guarantee timely delivery and even when we think the deadline is too tight, we advise accordingly.

  • Quality Assurance- The best essay writing service is one that guarantees delivery of quality essays. At Brainstorm Essays, we have a systematic process of checking that the writing services provided by our writers meet the specified requirements. For instance, we have a separate quality assurance department that proofread essays and confirms that paper requirements have been addressed before forwarding to the client. Moreover, we only offer custom essay writing services to guarantee originality.

  • Best Essay Writers-Brainstorm Essays hires some of the best essay writers online through a very competitive process.  Our writers are highly experienced, professional and adept at writing academic papers. What’s more, we reduce your ordering time by matching your paper with the best essay writer in your area of study.

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 Looking for the best essay writing service in the USA? Look no further! Brainstorm Essays is a trusted essay writing company in the USA. With a dedicated support team handling requests from US based clients, prompt service delivery is guaranteed. What’s more, our company hires native English speaking writers to ensure our clients in the USA get flawless papers free of grammatical, style, contextual spelling, and other language related errors.

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Being a trusted company, Brainstorm Essays is undoubtedly one of the leading essay writing services in the UK. Our decision to have a dedicated team of writers and support team handling writing requests from UK students has seen our client base expand tremendously. One of the reasons clients insist on hiring UK based writers is the difference in curriculum standards. Some courses such as Psychology and nursing require strict adherence to guidelines applicable in the UK. Our company employs writers who are well versed with such requirements hence; by placing an order on our website, you are guaranteed of an essay that meets the recommended standards.  

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Brainstorm Essays is a big company that is well equipped with writers drawn from major academic disciplines. The best part about our essay writing service is that when you place a new order on our website, we link you immediately with a professional writer in your area of study. Unlike other companies that hire writers to write essays in almost every academic discipline, we writers based on their competency in specific areas. Such approach promotes healthy growth of writers in areas of study they specialize in which in turn translate to the delivery of high quality essays. Examples of essay writing services we offer based on popularity include; Nursing Essay Writing Service, Psychology Essay Writing Service, healthcare essay writing service, writing service business informatics, and health informatics writing service among others. Therefore, regardless of your area of study, Brainstorm Essays is the best essay writing service for the job.

Sample Essay Paper

Case Study Report

Humans have always faced different challenges in society. Every industry from healthcare to social sciences has a plethora of challenges and questions that require profound exploration to address and solve respectively. The formulation of such answers requires a systematic investigation to arrive at credible conclusions and establish relevant facts. Historically, theorists and scientists have used research to discover new knowledge or to advance existing knowledge and theories. Using a case study approach, I will examine what I have learned about research at an introductory level, evaluate and critique the process from a Biblical standpoint, and describe the process I went through with this assignment from gathering information to deciding what to include.

Personal Problem

For a huge part of my academic writing in school, I have never considered myself a strong or exceptional writer. I have always struggled to formulate my ideas into powerful effective writing. During the first week of this course, I was frightened because I had a notion that my writing was not the same level as other students. However, I gradually realized that I should eliminate such negative thoughts and instead focus on improving my writing, or elevating my skills to high levels. One of the major aspects I had to concentrate on was my research abilities. Before learning about research at an introductory level, I would Google random topics and use the first links I found, regardless of their credibility. I did not put a lot of thought into most of my research projects, which always led to poor results. However, two weeks into research at an introductory level, I had started to realize the most fundamental aspects of research as explained in the next section.

Research at an Introductory Level

Types of Articles

A huge lesson gained from my introduction to research was the type of articles and papers used by researchers. According to the publication manual of the American Psychological Association (2019), articles published in scientific journals are either qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods empirical articles. On quantitative articles, researchers publish original, empirical, and quantitative research where the observed outcomes within behavioral and social sciences and other related disciplines remain largely numerical. In these studies, researchers analyze results based on numerical properties. In qualitative articles, researchers embrace scientific approaches that generate knowledge about human experiences and actions. Comparatively, while qualitative approaches focus on natural settings and quality of interactions, quantitative approaches focus on measured quantities and measuring specific and measurable behaviors using statistical analyses. Learning the two approaches was critical because it helped me evaluate the implications and validity of different research articles when conducting my research.

Relevance of Non-experimental Research

Another great lesson from the introduction to research was the relevance of non-experimental research. According to Rigdon et al. (2020), the major approaches to non-experimental research include case studies, archival research, psychological testing, survey research, and systematic observation. The major takeaway from the different approaches was the relevance of case studies in research. I learned that using case studies, researchers gain a deep and multifaceted approach to real-world issues. Also, case studies remain critical when evaluating a problem that might have numerous solutions. For instance, my research problem was multifaceted and required numerous solutions from analyzing relevant content to learning the different types of research. Based on the case study concept, I learned that they are fundamental in depicting aspects of human thinking that would otherwise remain impractical, impossible, and unethical to study using other approaches (Mcleod, 2019). In addition, case studies are relevant in exploratory research when a researcher intends to test any new ideas using other approaches. Human psychologists are an incredible example of people that have relied on case studies to illustrate theories and connect different aspects of human behavior.

The Scientific Process

Solving my research problem meant that I had to learn the steps involved in research. At an introductory level, I realized that every research project must follow a particular path. A researcher must first observe a phenomenon and out of curiosity, initiate a process or an experiment to look for possible answers (Korstjens & Moser, 2017). The next step is constructing null and alternate hypotheses that could face acceptance or rejection based on the study outcomes. To make a valid conclusion, a researcher must also analyze the collected data and report findings to an interested group of researchers. Understanding the research process was critical to advancing my research knowledge since I gained the ability to identify any similar features of studies within different fields and to understand the nature, purpose, and approaches to different research projects.

Biblical and Christian Perspectives

Learning is a continuous process for every Christian. In Proverbs 16:16, the Bible maintains that knowledge is better than silver and gold. Undoubtedly, people find joy in different things such as expensive and nice jewelry, but such things often go out style. However, acquiring knowledge remains in style because it opens up the mind and opens doors to meeting new people. In 2 Timothy 2:15, the Bible also highlights that we should study and show God that we understand the truth. Although the verse focuses on pointing out misleading teachings and ideas, it also applies to the knowledge acquisition process. The verse emphasizes that as Christians, we should indulge in activities that improve our lives such as taking classes seriously and preparing well to stay ahead. It is out of these Biblical principles that I purposed to improve my research abilities to understanding the most effective and relevant research practices.

The Process

I followed three major steps throughout this assignment. That is, explaining my problem and situation with research, a description of the solutions based on the learned content, and analysis and relevance of the solutions from a Biblical perspective. Writing the case study meant that I had to conduct research. Here, I had to reflect on some of my weakest areas in research including lacking any knowledge of distinguishing qualitative from quantitative studies, failure to understand the relevance of case studies in research, and lacking knowledge on the scientific processes of research studies. Afterward, I focused on detailing the solutions based on acquired knowledge from the course. Although the solutions are not exhaustive, I have highlighted the sections that had the greatest impact on my research skills.

The introduction to research has played a key role in advancing my knowledge in research. The course has helped me to understand the different types of research studies, the relevance of non-experimental research and particularly case studies, and the importance of the scientific research process. Due to the course, I have become a better researcher and expanded my knowledge as emphasized by the Bible in different verses. Moving forward, I intend to use the acquired knowledge in describing, predicting, and determining the causes of behavior. In addition, the knowledge will play a fundamental role in helping me to solve problems using a systematic investigation to arrive at credible solutions.




Korstjens, I., & Moser, A. (2017). Series: Practical guidance to qualitative research. Part 2: Context, research questions, and designs. European Journal of General Practice, 23(1), 274-279.

McLeod, S. (2019). Case Study Method.

Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.). (2020).

Rigdon, E. E., Sarstedt, M., & Becker, J. M. (2020). Quantify uncertainty in behavioral research. Nature human behaviour, 4(4), 329-331.

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