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Technology Trends

Various Types and Uses of Technologies across the Health Care Industry and Their Impact

There are various types of technologies that can be embraced by the health care industry in order to remain competitive and improve the health care quality delivered to organization members. Such technologies include:

Digital diagnostics: This technology is offering services to people that have no access to the office of the doctor. A good example of such technology is Neurotrack software that detects hippocampus impairments through eye movement evaluation.

The cloud: The technology of Cloud services offers many benefits for medical providers especially in rural areas, through offering services to patients through the internet. There are about 944 cloud services in the healthcare industry meaning people in underdeveloped areas are getting more healthcare services that before.

Health Informatics : This is an evolving field that connects information technology, infrastructure and healthcare with an aim of improving the safety and quality of patient care. It streamlines the process of medical care and minimizes malpractice claims as well as improves providers’ coordination (Haux, 2010).

Smartphone, tablets among other applications:  These devices give physicians as well as other clinicians a wealth of information. The smart phones for example have numerous applications that allow physicians more interaction in the care experience of the patient. There are many apps for physicians that range from medical calculators to actual EHRS and clinical presentations.

The above types of healthcare industry technology have caused great savings in the industry as well as contributed in improving the health and safety of patients.  Technology has also made treatment easier and more precise due to advancements in nuclear medicine. Better instrument development and advanced technology is further allowing surgeons perform procedures in a secure manner (Trojano, 2011).

Technology trend that I would recommend for the health care organization

I would recommend Health Informatics to this health care organization. This is because this technology allows health records to be accessible hence saving time and eliminating errors. Health informatics also allows information availability to physicians through the application of latest researches. Lastly, it allows patients to get more access to health information than before.

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