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Infographics - Profile of Older Americans

  1. Please download profile of Older Americans from the Administration of Community Living from the following link for 2020, 2019, 2018 (3 years).



  1. Study them and find any three changes that you noticed in the profile in these 3 years.



  1. Make an infographic of those changes

Executive Summary Infographic Guidelines

You will have to create one-page infographics each week throughout this semester. Each week, you will be given a topic related to older adults, and you will be responsible for finding 2 research articles relevant to the weekly topic

The infographics should reflect information from the 2 articles you choose for that week. An infographic can include many different elements, and you have freedom to choose how you would like to display the information. There is not only “one” correct way to do an infographic, and there are many different examples online that can help you develop your own infographic.

The purpose of this assignment is for you to read and analyze research articles and connect the dots in a graphic format. You should understand the information, summarize what you’re learning, and recognize the relationships between concepts to create a clear display for others to view.

Please list the citations for your 2 articles in a smaller font at the bottom of your infographic using APA format. The articles you choose should ideally be published within the last 10 – 15 years to include updated information. Please upload the document as PDF file (if possible) into the assignments folder on iCollege.

*For the first few weeks, as you are learning how to create effective infographics initially, we will be lenient in our grading for these assignments

Helpful Resources

You can use these websites to get inspiration when getting started on your infographics. The resources that follow are not specific to the in-class exercises because we haven’t found good models for these topics. A major intent of this assignment is also to allow you to be creative and flexible in how you approach your summaries. We are continuing to look, and if we find a good example, we will share it with you.










  1. Pose a question of week that comes to your mind after studying those documents.


Research Question Guidelines

Each week, you will be responsible for creating a question relevant to the weekly topic after completing all your research, readings, and videos. Use the following guide from George Mason University to help you form your research question: to-write-a-research-question


*** The solution below is a sample of our work and Should NOT be submitted as your original work.

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Profile of Older Americans

The profile for older Americans is an annual summary of essential statistics related to the older population in the United States of America. It is used to illustrate the shifting demographics of Americas above 65 years. The data is obtained primarily from the United States Census Bureau. Its key topics include living arrangements, income, health, education, and caregiving.


Future Growth:

The older population is expected to significantly grow in the future as the “baby boom” generation is starting to burgeon; getting closer to the 65 year age bracket. It is project that by 2040, there will be twice as many older Americans as they were in 2000.

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