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NASW Code of Ethics

Describe 2 professional social work values you observed or applied from the NASW Code of Ethics. How might this learning impact your future social work practice?


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NASW Code Of Ethics

The national social workers code of ethics professionally guides the conduct of all social workers during practice. The code provides principles, standards, and values to uphold when making decisions in the face of ethical issues (Bent-Goodley, 2017). This week for instance I had an encounter with a different race client of counseling for depression. The client was in a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness but I was able to convince him of how important he is to the world and the people that love him. In that scenario, I applied the value of dignity and worth of a person to the young man. I would go on to spend more and more extra hours with him learning about him and teaching him how to cope with challenges thrown at him in life. The value of service was in play during that instance; as I voluntarily went out of my way to help the young lad come out of depression. the values of dignity and worth of a person compel us to treat everyone with respect while service asks of us to help everyone in need (Willis, 2019).

Applying the codes of ethics in practice will enable me in the future to set a firm base for my work on values that are internationally recognized and acceptable. I will be able to wade ethical uncertainties and obligation conflict with a clear conscious and in the interest of my clients ahead and above all else. The value of service will assist me in the future in the event that I establish a non-governmental organization for social work (Barsky, 2017). I will indiscriminately be able to offer service to all clients as guided by the set code of ethics. Overall, I will become a better person applying these ethical considerations in my personal life.

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