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Resilience and Change 

Change is part of our daily healthcare environment. Clinical nursing judgments based on quality and safety, as well as protocols and standards, reflect our patient-centered care values.

What steps could you take to develop more resilience in your practice setting?
How might you communicate a change in practice to patients and nursing peers?

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 Resilience and Change 

Change is part of today’s healthcare environment; it is inevitable regardless of the clinical setting involved. There is a strong relationship between change and resilience because resilient nurses are able to navigate the changes that occur in the hospital and clinical setting (Brown and Abuatiq, 2020). Some of the steps to develop more resilience in the nursing practice setting include keeping a positive attitude, as this forms the foundation for strength to overcome the challenges that come with change. Additionally, to develop more resilience, nurses need to face their fears and avoid stressful thoughts through establishing a supportive social network and nurturing good friendships, as well as accepting change as it comes in its inevitability. Furthermore, in a bid to develop more resilience, one can maintain calm during stressful events, celebrate every little success, and look at the problems they face as a learning experience rather than a detriment in their careers.

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Communicating change in patients of staff can be challenging as one may not be sure of how the change is going to be received by patients and staff. Some of the ways in which can be effective in communicating change include giving an overview of the reasons for the change, then going ahead and cite the roles that both patients and staff should play to see the successful implementation of the change (ANA, 2015). Additionally, one can go deeper into explaining the problem that has led to the change and the reasons for addressing the problem then allow the patients and staff to give out their concerns as well as any fears or questions they may have concerning the change and address each of these concerns, fears, and questions. If the change involves a new system, ensure to give examples and its benefits within the hospital setting and give the patients and employees, and staff credit for being open to change.



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Sample #2

Resilience is the ability to cope with a difficult situation irrespective of opposing forces. It is comparable to a tree that bends from an extreme wind but eventually overcomes and thrives. The same value is necessary for nursing care irrespective of difficult situations in everyday practice (ANA, 2015). A significant challenge for me in my practice area is compassion fatigue. Stress-related symptoms after losing a patient push me to burn-out, self-doubt, and job dissatisfaction. Learning about resilience is an opportunity to initiate measures and work towards overcoming the challenge. According to Kester and Wei (2018), self-care is a successful strategy to overcome compassion fatigue. I will achieve this by engaging in daily exercise- jogging in the morning, cycling, and swimming on weekends. Physical activity is associated with better emotional health and physical endurance. It will be a journey for me towards resilience.

Communicating Changes

Quality improvement is part of the continued evolution of patient care towards quality care and better patient outcomes. The change is not possible without proper communication about change in practice to colleagues and patients. To colleagues, communication would entail the vision for the change, their specific roles, its intended benefits to patients and the profession (Gesme & Wiseman, 2010). Moreover, I would insist on their utmost support to achieve success. To patients, nurses must consider different educational, cultural, and social backgrounds (Sibiya, 2018). I would do the same and communicate the changes in a calm, effective, and professional manner- use simple language and avoid medical jargon. To facilitate patient understanding, I will encourage them to talk/express their feelings freely, listen more, and speak less. I will also focus on the non-verbal cues as a crucial source of information. The strategies would help communicate effectively and achieve the intended benefits.




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