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Create an Evolving Philosophy of Education/Teaching

Evolving Philosophy of Education/Teaching

Please create a detailed “evolving” philosophy of education/teaching. I use the term “evolving” as this is something that you will change, revise and re-evaluate weekly, monthly and yearly as you progress as an Early Childhood Education scholar.

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 Create an Evolving Philosophy of Education/Teaching

In Early Childhood Education, there are several specific beliefs employed in young children's care and education. My ideas highlight the importance of different teaching activities and another significant aspect of ECE teaching practices that foster a good learning experience. Therefore, my belief regarding my practice makes up the foundation of my philosophy for education/teaching in Early Childhood Education. Consequently, my philosophy revolves around children's activities, where every educator must employ practices such as planning, implementing, observing, and evaluating such activities, as they are vital in fostering learning. Additionally, as an educator, I believe in focusing on a child's well-being in order to ensure that all their basic needs are being met both at home and within the learning environment.

Children are usually very curious and learn from play activities where they express their creativity, competence, and ability to absorb the new things they learn by their play experiences. Therefore, as an educator, I strive to incorporate activities that give children endless opportunities for exploring and experimenting with the different activities that we participate in during class and outside during playtime. Most of the activities that I engage my learners in are open-ended and process-oriented, and appropriate for their cognitive and social development both in the school environment and at home, with many of the activities falling under some of the children's interests. For example, on numerous occasions, I use my learner's topics of interest and expand their learning about the same topics, including wild animals, domestic animals, and pets.

To plan open-ended and process-oriented activities for my learners, I consider using materials that engage them cognitively without looking at the outcome. For instance, during many of my art classes, I provide learners with animal pictures that allow them to make a picture collage of their favorite pets and domestic and wild animals by sticking the pictures on cardboard using glue. For me, this is a process-oriented activity that enables the child to learn without anticipating the outcomes of the activity, even though, in the end, they will have created a beautiful picture collage of animals that they can as well learn from. However, when planning such activities, it is important to consider the age group of the learners in order to promote an effective learning experience. Therefore, the activities I create are for learners from the ages of 16 months to five years, with each activity being easy or complex in relation to the learner's age. Here, my focus has always been to plan activities that allow the children to develop in all domains, including social, intellectual, emotional, creative as well as physical domains.

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Some of my developmental objectives during these activities include the ability of children to communicate with their peers. For instance, during an art class where children create picture collage using glues, some of the objectives include fostering communication, strengthening of hands, giving the learners the opportunity to control how they use the materials provided for them, and also create a sense of pride as they create their collages to boost their confidence and self-esteem. In all the activities I plan for my learners, I usually consider an aesthetically inviting environment such as a play area board where I can introduce some of the topics using colorful pictures, letters, and even borders, which the learners usually find very enticing and keeps them concentrated in the activities. One of the most important observations I have made that encourages my philosophy of teaching is that children do not focus on activities that are not visually appealing. For instance, children will concentrate on a visually appealing activity, such as using colorful letters compared to those involving no visuals.

To keep the child's family at par with their child's performance and academic growth, I document all my observations, reflections as well as evaluations. I mostly prefer documenting these in the form of photographs in order to keep the memory as it promotes easy reflection and evaluation, which I use to provide the child's family with a transcript attached to every photograph. I have also observed that through these photographs, the children learn to remember their experiences as their families get an insight into their children's play experiences as well as learning moments. During this type of documentation, my focus usually lies on the curriculum framework and how it connects to the experienced and achieved by the child.

Even though academics are an important part of ECE, I have always focused on the children's health and well-being. For me, custodial care should be part and parcel of a child's education because a happy and healthy child is able to learn effectively compared to one that is not happy. Therefore, my ECE teaching philosophy emphasizes the need for a child to eat, sleep, and get regular baths and grooming in order to remain physically healthy with their parents showing compassion and ensuring that all their basic needs are met. This is because a child who is not physically or emotionally healthy may not be able to learn.


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