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Organizational Policies and Practices to Support Healthcare Issues 

Post an explanation of how competing needs, such as the needs of the workforce, resources, and patients, may impact the development of policy. Then, describe any specific competing needs that may impact the national healthcare issue/stressor you selected. What are the impacts, and how might policy address these competing needs? Be specific and provide examples.

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 Organizational Policies and Practices to Support Healthcare Issues

How competing needs might affect the development of policy

It is important for a competing need to align with the policy agenda that it is advocating for in order to promote efficiency. An excellent example is developing a policy to address the shortage of nurses to meet the patient needs, workforce needs, and resources. Hardin et al.  (2017) emphasizes the importance of deploying an effective workforce to foster the provision of quality healthcare as well as the cost and quantity. Failure to deploy a workforce might lead to the organization being overwhelmed, thereby leading to a shortage or the oversupply of the nursing staff. For instance, the shortage of nurses contributes to low quality of healthcare services, work overload, which eventually causes burnouts, which in turn compromises the safety and lack of positive outcomes in the patient.

Issues that way affect work overload

An overworked nurse tends to experience burnout as they usually have a work overload that needs to be addressed in order to promote quality and safety to the patients. This is one of the numerous national health care issues that organizations have taken seriously by organizations to ensure patients receive quality healthcare while keeping the costs sustainable. In this case, a nursing capacity can be optimally matched in relation to the patients' needs. Additionally, this move can only be achieved by fairly distributing nurses in smaller units as well as an equally distributed workload, which is also easy for the nurses to manage. This, in turn, fosters a balance between patient needs and the staff and the resources available at no additional costs (Kelly & Porr, 2018.

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Impacts and how policy can address the competing need

A workload affects the patient as well as the staff and resources of the organization. It causes burnouts, leads to nursing staff job dissatisfaction, which might also make son nurses threaten to leave (Carayon & Gurses, 2008). The policy might therefore address the above-mentioned competing needs by promoting balance in the ratio patient-nurse ratio. Additionally, the policy can also outline a specific nurse to patent ratio depending on the hospital and promote the inclusion of a staffing policy to improve the available nursing staff's working conditions. This also affects the costs and the ratios, which can be achieved by training the staff, especially the new ones.










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