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genogram and culturegram

You will complete the Self-Assessment in 2 parts:
1.    Part 1: An eco-map and spiritual life-map
2.    Part 2: A genogram and culturegram.
For Part 2, you will complete a narrative paper that includes a genogram and culturegram, as well as a conclusion of all 4 assessment tools.
Your Self-Assessment: Part 2 paper must contain 3 pages of narrative content, 2 diagrams which are not included in the 3 pages of narrative, and title and reference pages. You must include at least 3 sources, such as the course texts, the Bible, relevant journal articles and/or websites. The paper must be in current APA format.
1. is one recommended website that you can use for the genogram. Also, use your Hodge text and online sources found through the Jerry Falwell Library to help you with your assessment. While creating your diagrams, consider looking at yourself from up close and from a distance. Look for patterns, values, positive and negative dynamics, and themes. For example, is there a pattern of addiction with family members in the genogram? What about education? Is this a value that you see throughout the family, or are you the 1st generation to go to college? With the culture gram, consider your family beliefs and background. What is important in your family culture? What about family rules? Consider the part of the country you grew up in, and how that influences your family culture. Do not forget to create a key for the genogram.
2.    For the paper, organize using headings.
a.    Intro (1 paragraph), then about 1 page each:
o    Genogram
o    Culturegram
o    Conclusion
3.    Outside sources must be used to help you with creating the diagrams or interpreting them. Bible verses, such as key life verses, can be used as they relate to the content.

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genogram and culturegram

Culturegram and Genogram

Culturegrams and genograms are essential tools in social work. A genogram maps out relationships within a family and their interactions. Using a culturegram, I will identify any unique patterns related to substance abuse, cancer, and divorce within my family lineage, while through the culturegram; I will identify the elements and factors that have played a key role in my life. Collectively, the culturegram and the genogram play a critical role in discovering and reflecting upon my life by relying on the past to inform future decisions.

 **Genogram Diagram excluded**

To complete this genogram, I informally and separately interviewed my mother and dad who separated five years ago. In Deuteronomy 32:7, the Bible says, “…we will not hide them from their children, but tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might, and the wonders that he has done.” Using the genogram, I realized that my family has numerous dysfunctions characterized by substance abuse and divorce. On my dad’s side, my grandmother Mary and grandfather Jacob divorced after ten years of being together. While my grandparents from my mother’s side had a strong relationship, their children had cases of strained relationships, especially between Edgar and Jose, due to the substance abuse tendencies of the latter. My mom and dad also divorced five years ago, and some of my siblings (Elizabeth and Geoffrey have a strained relationship. As highlighted by Damota (2019), divorce hurts the entire family and occurs due to poor communication, financial problems, and lack of maturity, and physical abuse, among other factors.

Another pertinent pattern in my family lineage is cancer. On my mother’s side, my grandmother Marion had ovarian cancer. My mother and one of her sisters (Joan) were diagnosed with lymphoma and breast cancer respectively. On my dad’s side, my grandfather and some of my aunts were diagnosed with cancer. On the same side, my uncle John is healthy without any cancer diagnosis, but James is an alcoholic and a chain smoker.  In the same vein, my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, and he had issues with alcoholism, but he has since recovered. My siblings, including Elizabeth, passed away at age 36 from lymphoma, while my brother Geoffrey has problems with substance abuse. Although I maintain a positive relationship with all my siblings, Elizabeth and Geoffrey had a strained relationship. Although cancer is a generational disease, as highlighted by Price et al. (2018), none of my children has been diagnosed with cancer, and we pray that it stays the same in future.

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**Culturegram Diagram Excluded**

As an immigrant, I have spent ten years in the US. Over the years, I have become a legal American citizen with all the rights and privileges of any citizen. I have gradually become familiar with the American culture and gotten used to western customs and traditions. By understanding the American culture, I can express myself with confidence and I understand how to be patient with people who are not from my culture. With my origins having been in (name country of origin) I can speak (language) frequently.

On my health beliefs, I am a strong supporter of any activity that has a positive impact on my health. I work out frequently, eat healthy, and attend regular medical check-ups. Since social and physical environment are important determinants of a healthy diet as outlined by Ridder et al. (2016), I try to avoid junk foods, which have become a major problem in the US.

One of my greatest crisis events was engaging myself in substance abuse at a young age. I was naïve and did not understand the negative effects of cigarrete smoking. Although smoking is a common social habit among most Americans, I tend to stay away from the vice since I understand its health consequences. Due to my smoking habit, I almost developed chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

As a Christian and being part of the American culture, I celebrate Christmas and other religious functions such as Easter. I also participate in other western holidays such as thanksgiving, Independence day, Martin Luther King jr. Day, and memorial day. Such celebrations have helped me respect and uphold diversity.

My education background has taught me the importance of family values. I have a history of excellent academic performance from a young age due to my thirst for knowledge and remaining committed to hard work and excellence. Through education, I have developed strong family values such as understanding the need for gender equality and maintaining positive and string family structures. Other than through education, I believe that having strong positive role models in my life have played a key role.

In summary, my genogram was a clear depiction of some of the dysfunctions that my family has had to live with over the years. While some of the dysfunctions such as divorce and substance are avoidable, some including cancer remain unavoidable. I believe in the words in James 8:36 that “if the son sets you free, you will be free.” I believe that I am free from all the dysfunctions in my family lineage and the yoke of slavery will not burden me. On my culturegram, I have become a better person who values diversity and looks at the world from multiple perspectives. As a social worker, I believe that cultural sensitivity is an important skill to have.




Damota, M. D. (2019). The Effect of Divorce on Families’ Life. Academia Edu, 46.

de Ridder, D., Kroese, F., Evers, C., Adriaanse, M., & Gillebaart, M. (2017). Healthy diet: Health impact, prevalence, correlates, and interventions. Psychology & health, 32(8), 907-941.

Price, K. S., Svenson, A., King, E., Ready, K., & Lazarin, G. A. (2018). Inherited cancer in the age of next-generation sequencing. Biological research for nursing, 20(2), 192-204.

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