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Mourning Traditions

Mourning Traditions Assignment
There are cultural differences in regard to how mourning traditions are practiced. Briefly describe Describe your beliefs how mourning can impact the death experience. , as well as an example of a mourning tradition, practice or ritual that is different from practices of your own culture. Be concise, but informative. Your assignment may not be more than one page. 
All papers must follow APA 7th edition style and formatting.  All responses need to be written in complete sentences and paragraph formatting. 
Include the following information: 
1. Describe your beliefs how mourning can impact the death experience. 
2. Identify the cultural group that you have selected for comparison purposes.  Answer the remaining questions based on this cultural group.
3. Discuss some of the values/beliefs of the selected group that support the group’s mourning practices/activities (for example, a belief that there is an after-life). 
4. Describe how long the mourning period lasts. 
5. Describe some of the activities that are a part of the mourning tradition (for example, attire worn by the mourners, cleansing of the body procedures, restriction of embalming, use of cremation, funerals, etc.). 
6. Provide the source of your information at the bottom of the page.

* You can choose any cultural group ex.  Hispanic and Latino Americans , Asian Americans etc

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Mourning Traditions

Different people express pain differently and the loss can sometimes overwhelm an individual. Similarly, mourning traditions are different across cultures. Mourning can affect the death experience either negatively or positively depending on how an individual handles unexpected emotions, shock, and anger as well as sadness. In regard, the pain of the loss of a loved one can interrupt a person’s physical health, thus making it inherently difficult for them to eat, sleep, and even function normally.

            For the purpose of comparison, I have chosen the Hispanic cultural group. In this cultural group, death is perceived as a continuation of life. This is one of the beliefs that effectively support mourning as it positively assists the mourning process. Equally, this cultural group practices certain rituals and ceremonies so as to honor the dead – a practice that makes up part of the Hispanic cultural heritage. The mourning period in the Hispanic culture lasts approximately 48 hours. According to Hidalgo et al. (2020), the family of the deceased is encouraged to spend time with the corpse before the burial ceremony. In this culture, there is no rushing of the burial, and the family is given ample time to spend with the corpse before burial.

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The Hispanic religious practices have a Catholic influence as many of them are Catholics. Therefore, a Hispanic burial is influenced by Catholicism. The burials feature a catholic priest, friend and family as well as music and a live performance by the mariachis at the gravesite. After the burial, friend and family get together to share a meal as they eulogize the deceased. In this aspect of the tradition, the family and friends only share good memories about the deceased.






Hidalgo, I., Brooten, D., Youngblut, J. A. M., Roche, R., Li, J., & Hinds, A. M. (2020). Practices following the death of a loved one reported by adults from 14 countries or cultural/ethnic group. Nursing Open, 8(1), 453–462.

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