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College Composition 2: The Elderly vs. Technology

You will complete a chart for this assignment. Download the file, save it with a name like LastNameCM220Unit 4 Assignment, and fill in the chart.

In Part I, you will revise the provisional thesis statement that you generated in the previous unit’s discussion and identify the underlying assumption. What is the common ground you believe you share with your audience?

Make sure the thesis is concise (1–2 sentences) and clearly expresses a persuasive argument that offers a solution to a problem in your community. Use the enthymeme format (claim + reason/s). 

In Part II, describe your purpose (what is the problem you want to solve and how do you plan to solve it?), audience (key stakeholders), and setting. You will provide details about whom you need to convince to bring about change and explain the community you are writing about. 

Finally, in Part III, you will evaluate your argument based on the three rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, and logos). For Part III, be sure to use complete sentences and offer specific examples. Aim for 5–7 sentences per section. 

You will want to discuss rival hypotheses and how you plan to address them, research you will need to conduct to support your claims, and strategies you can use to connect with your audience. Be sure to discuss at least one source you can use to support claims and to identify a specific logical fallacy your argument could be susceptible to and how to avoid that fallacy.

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The Elderly vs. Technology

Part I

Thesis Statement:

            Unlike the younger adults who have typically interacted with technology since their childhood, the elderly require a proper process introduction, education and training because many of them have become dependent on digital technology such as the internet so as to care for their personal health, physical status and general independent living conditions.

Underlying Assumption for the Thesis

            Technology has been incorporated into the healthcare scope and older adults require constant medical services. Therefore, not being able to efficiently use technology, for instance the internet or and other devices such as the computer, the tablet or a smartphone may put them at a risk of not being able to book appointments, access their medical records or even access their treatment plans and lab results.

Common ground shared with the audience

            I anticipate that my audience and I will share a common ground founded on the use of technology to better the lives of the elderly.

 Part II: Rhetorical Situation

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My purpose is to explore the struggles faced by the elderly in using technology so as to transverse the challenges of modern living and achieve qualitative living. In this case, the problem revolves around the unfamiliarity of the elderly with the current technology thus making it difficult for them to access basic services such as healthcare. For instance, in the healthcare industry, technology has been incorporated in ways that makes the providers’ work easy and ensuring that the patients receive quality healthcare services. Therefore, if an older adult cannot use a smartphone, it becomes even harder for the provider to communicate with them and remind them of their next appointment. An excellent example that illustrates this problems is the use of electronic health records. Typically, patients can access EHRs through an app on their smartphones. If a patient is not familiar with how smartphone apps work, they might miss their appointments, treatments and even checkups since doctors and physicians use the EHR systems to relay messages to their patients.

            My audience includes several stakeholders such as the elderly, healthcare professionals and leaders within the healthcare realm. This issue affects different community stakeholders in the sense that it majority of older adults require healthcare services and with the incorporation of technology into the industry, they require education in order to effectively adopt to the new ways of receiving medical care. This can be implemented by the government through sensitization programs geared towards ensuring that technology does not become a hindrance to receiving care. In addition, healthcare professionals can also educate and train their patients on how to use health related technology during patient education sessions.

            My setting would typically be in a hospital with the key elements affecting the problem revolving around the ability of the elderly patients to be able to correctly use technology in their bid to seek for medical services.

Part III: The Appeals


            I will use ethos to foster credibility in my arguments so that both my audience and other stakeholders can trust          that the solution provided will be beneficial to the elderly. In this case, the younger generation might have reservations about the elderly being trained and educated on how to use technology in order to achieve positive health outcomes. The main foundation that informs my credible argument is based on the hypothesis that the older adults are teacherable.


            I will use the pathos appeal to appeal to the audience’s emotion/ This will in turn make them see the sense in my argument and though an emotional perspective. I will therefore, connect with my audience my asking questions that stimulate an emotional response. For instance, I will touch on the detriments of missing a checkup or not being able to obtain lab results in order to start or continue treatment simply because of a lack of technological know-how. It I important for the elderly to be able to operate even the simplest electronics as this will not only foster a high level of independence but also a good quality of life.


            The logos appeal involves using logic to persuade the audience. Using logic, it is important to note that there are several reasons why the elderly need to be trained on how to use technology whether digital or electronic. In addition, we live in the age of the internet where everything that revolves around human life also involves the internet. In regard, I will use evidence majorly from scholarly sources to substantiate my claims of why the elderly need to be educated and trained. Old age should not be viewed as a punishment and even though people are usually reluctant to leave older adults around electronic devices, it should be noted that these are some of the most valuable lessons they can start with. Before teaching them how to install and operate an app on their phones in order to access important information, simple tasks such as turning on and off a Television or a computer may come in handy especially if they leave alone.

Logical Fallacy

Appeal to authority. In this case, I will choose to argue based on a modest ground, where I will attach my main argument to a person of authority for example a doctor in order to give credence to my thesis.

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