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Ice Glacier melting caused by global climate change

Solution to Ice Glacier melting caused by global climate change

Must write an original solution to solving the ice glacier melting due to global warming. Must draw or include original drawing. Solution must be totally original can\'t be already done!!
•    What climate change challenge are you solving?
•    Have you thought about the details?
•    Have you anticipated problems that may arise and troubleshooted them?
•    Is this a feasible solution to the problem you identified?
Concept Image:  A photograph, rendering, or illustration representing your design concept.  
•    Does your image convey your concept?
•    Must be an original idea? 
•    What inspiration did you take from nature and why was that a thoughtful choice?

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Solution to Ice Glacier melting caused by global climate change

The 21st century is characterized with extreme climate changes that have so far intensified the melting of the glaciers. This, in itself is a phenomenon that is rapidly intensifying and could leave planet earth without any ice. It is important to point out that human activity is the main cause of the extreme climate changes in the 21st century. For example, carbon dioxide and green house emission stand out as the most harmful of human activities (Glick). Therefore, this paper seeks to find a solution to the glacier melting caused by the extreme climate changes which result from human activities.

            What causes glacier melting? This is a question that has found its way into the biggest boardrooms as experts try to find a solution tailored to the causes of the melting. As the temperatures in planet earth keep rising, so does the ice melts. Moreover, the increase in the rate of climate change might eventually render the ice extinct (Glick). Today, the rate at which carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases are being emitted has also increased with their concentration being very high due to emissions from factories, the transport industry as well as from burnt fossil fuels and deforestation. These are some of the human activities that warm the atmosphere, prompting the glaciers to melt due to the high temperatures.

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Even though there has been ice lost, finding a solution to glacial melting can still save the ice from going extinct. In regard, the best solution would be to address the issue of climate change. Here, it would be important to curtail the continuous extreme climate change in order to save the glaciers by reducing the carbon dioxide and greenhouse emissions by at least 40% within the next ten years. This should remain constant until after fifty years which, the emissions should fall to 5% or zero depending on the stringent measures put to ensure a reduction in the temperatures and global warming. This can be done through the gradual setting of emission goals, encouraging the use of electric vehicles, incentivizing carbon farming as well as choosing to live without cars. Additionally, to mitigate climate change, agricultural practices and activities such as forest preservation and reforestation can be incorporated into the solutions in order to reduce global temperatures (Thompson). In addition, people can resort to planting trees and avoid cutting them down for human use. Therefore, for every tree cut, individuals can plant two in order to promote a reduction in the temperatures.


            My chosen image directly correlates with my climate change concept that includes a reduction of harmful human activities that lead to the extreme changes in the climate such as cutting down of trees. Here, I propose the use of drones to plant trees in a process known as aerial reforestation, across the globe including areas that are arid and semi-arid. This process will help mitigate the extreme climate changes experienced in the 21st century. If this is not done, the next ten years might see the glaciers go into extinction due to even higher temperatures. Nature has the capacity to restore itself if not disturbed. For instance, if nature was not disturbed by human activities, it would regain its originality back and thus balancing the planet earth. The inspiration drawn from nature, therefore lies within its ability to restore itself if not disturbed or when human activities do not interfere with how it operates. Humans can also engage in activities that stimulate nature to thrive such as planting more trees.




















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