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Cross-cultural Context 

Please respond to the following statement: An individual living and working in a cross-cutlural context can be completely absorbed and integrated into the culture of the people that he or she is serving. Cite all material used in your posts and replies using current Turabian formatting.

Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?
How do the worldview and values of the individual and the host culture impact the interactions that take place between the two cultures?
Discuss one way that worldview and values impact your interactions with others through your field of study.
Be sure to use the course material found in the Reading & Study folder for this course in your personal post and replies. Cite all sources using Turabian formatting.

Presentation: Worldview

Elmer: chs. 5–10

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Cross-cultural Context

I agree with the statement that an individual living and working in a cross-cultural context can be wholly absorbed and integrated into the culture of the people being served. In the first few weeks, an ethnographer has to adapt to the new culture. The process begins with a honeymoon period, after which problems may arise, leading to a culture shock[1]. After overcoming the culture shock, an ethnographer adjusts to the new culture. When adjusting to the new culture, an ethnographer might become completely absorbed after realizing some new culture's exciting ways leading to complete or partial integration. Since fieldwork takes at least one year, it is expected that an ethnographer gets accustomed to the new culture and becomes part of it to the point of dropping some of his/her cultural ways and replacing them with those of the new culture.

The worldview and values of an individual and the host culture affect the interactions between the two cultures. For instance, an ethnographer can embrace cultural relativism by viewing and evaluating a culture within that culture's context. In contrast, an ethnographer can embrace ethnocentrism by making value judgments by comparing his/her culture with that of the host culture. For example, a host can consider the consumption of insects as strange, weird, unethical, or backward[2]. Here, a host uses his values and worldview to judge his/her interactions with the host culture, leading to bias.


[1] Brian M. Howell and Jenell Williams Paris, Introducing Cultural Anthropology: a Christian Perspective (Baker Academic, a division of Baker Publishing Group, 2019), 56.

[2] Ibid, 18.

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In social work, my worldview and values sometimes affect my interactions with others. My Christian values, for instance, have made my interactions with the LGBTQ community difficult. Although I believe that we all have equal rights and freedoms as humans, sometimes my Christian values negatively affect my interactions with people from the LGBTQ community. However, I have gradually learned how to control my emotions and respect people who have a different lifestyle or sexual orientation. 




Howell, Brian M., and Jenell Williams Paris. Introducing Cultural Anthropology: a Christian Perspective. Baker Academic, a division of Baker Publishing Group, 2019.

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