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Final Stage 


How you would you effectively terminate therapy with your group?
What are some interventions you might employ during termination? Address some functions or problems that group members might encounter and some functions or obstacles you as group leader might encounter. How would you address these issues for members and for yourself?
How will you evaluate your group? What type of follow-up will you provide to group members?
Draft a tool for your group members to complete at the beginning and at the end of your group to evaluate the effectiveness of the group experience. You must develop this tool yourself. Include a description of the tool and how you will present it in one of the sessions in your paper, with the tool itself as an appendix. (This is the second required tool for the manual.)
Write a double-spaced 3 page paper with a minimum of three references (two of which are scholarly) in APA format. Note: Since five references are required for your manual, you should use the same references throughout these papers as appropriate.

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Final Stage


Termination is a critical component of group therapy. It is not all about the end of sessions but a critical aspect of the change process. It is an opportunity for the group members to honor their achievements, grieve the loss of friendships and associations, and have a positive outlook for the future (Corey, 2016). Most importantly, it is about closure on the entire experience, examining the group's impact on members, acknowledging feelings about the departure, giving and receiving feedback. It is also an opportunity to complete unfinished business and explore ways to continue getting better outside the group (Corey, 2016). However, members may experience sadness and anxiety due to the separation. They are more likely to take a passive role in the group and express their hopes and concerns for each other. It is the role of the leader to direct the group towards effective termination and follow-up.

Effective Termination of the Group

The termination stage often evokes emotional reactions and hope for a new beginning among participants. As a group leader, I will aim to identify and explore such feelings to the best of my ability. It is a time to allow the participants to express the impact of the group and their next course of action. They need to face the reality that the group is coming to an end and they have to say goodbye. To ensure a smooth transition, I will have to recognize my feelings about the termination and recognize my inability to deal with the inevitable separation. Evidence shows that facilitating an ethical transition means dealing with the member’s expressions and feelings about endings (Corey, 2016). I will provide every participant with an opportunity to explore areas of loss and provide community resources to reinforce changes to enhance further changes. I will also assist in creating an aftercare plan for members to use later after the sessions.

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Members may isolate as they become aware of the group's ending to avoid the anxiety of separation. Research shows that participants will often fail to raise new issues resulting in a general decline of the achieved group progress (Corey, 2016). As the leader, I will try to manage the distancing because it inhibits effective examination of the group's effects on the participants. It will be my responsibility to help every member put everything learned into perspective. It will entail allowing members to verbalize what they have learned and how they intend to use the increased self-understanding in the outside environment. It is also an opportunity to help the participants develop specific measures to build on the acquired knowledge from other group members.

Giving and receiving feedback is a crucial component in the final process. In an effective group, sharing is the link to achieving the intended goals for the members and it is also very crucial in the final stage of the group (CDC, 2005). I will utilize this opportunity to ask members about the group's experience, their success in handling interpersonal conflicts, their intentions to utilize the acquired knowledge, and the meaning of the group towards change. Other participants will provide feedback by stating how they feel about every group member. They will write down their feedback in journals to help in the group's evaluation in the future.

The final stage is also an opportunity to resolve any unfinished business. Although some issues remain unsolved, it is necessary to allocate time to talk about them before ending the program (Corey, 2016). For example, members may reveal that they have never had the necessary courage to disclose their concerns. It may be too late to address the issue but feedback is vital before ending the final session (Corey, 2016). It also requires addressing the possible long-standing conflict from the group's initial stages. My role will be to encourage such issues towards resolution assuming that the feedback will provide more information for future use. 

Group Evaluation

Evaluation is a basic and ethical component of any group experience. It is about a realistic assessment of the group's achievements on the participants (American Group Psychotherapy Association, 2007). I will utilize a drafted tool (see appendix 1) to assess the session's success in achieving the intended goals. It will include obtaining feedback about my role as a group leader in leading the participants to success by enquiring about effective and ineffective interventions. The final session will also entail providing a follow-up group session. The session will assess the long-term impact on participants and provide a realistic impression of the group in changing their life. I will ensure that every member has a specific resource as a venue for continued support to avoid a relapse.




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