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Effective persuasive communication 

In this assignment, you will write three paragraphs describing and analyzing effective persuasive communication you have encountered or produced in personal, professional, and academic contexts. In each of the three paragraphs, include at least one concrete example of effective persuasion that you have experienced or produced yourself to illustrate your points. Describe that example, identify the parts of the rhetorical situation (audience, speaker, text, purpose, and context), and offer specific reasons why the example was effectively based on the concepts covered in the Units 1 and 2 Reading. You can also include information on tone, style, formality, voice, correctness, evidence, and word choice as you develop your analysis.

Follow APA formatting guidelines for the document. Paragraphs should be well-developed (use the “point, illustrate, explain” method), cohesive, and edited for clarity and correctness. Cite any sources used in APA style, including the course reading.

Use the following chart to help ensure that you meet the following expectations in the final version of your Unit 2 Assignment:

Paragraph 1

Describe an example of persuasive communication in a personal context. This could be a social media post, an email to a friend, or even a conversation. 
Identify the parts of the rhetorical situation.
Analyze what makes this example effective.
Draw connections to concepts from the Unit 1 and 2 Reading. 
Paragraph 2

Describe an example of persuasive communication in a professional context. This could be a memo, email, or presentation.
Identify the parts of the rhetorical situation.
Analyze what makes this example effective and consider the expectations for professional communication in your field. 
Draw connections to concepts from the Unit 1 and 2 Reading.
Paragraph 3 

Describe an example of persuasive communication in an academic context. This could be an essay you wrote for a class, an article you read, or a discussion post.
Identify the parts of the rhetorical situation.
Analyze what makes this example effective and consider how academic persuasion differs from other contexts. 
Draw connections to concepts from the Unit 1 and 2 Reading.

Since you will reference concepts from the Units 1 and 2 Reading or may draw ideas from the PG Writing Center, include signal phrases and citations, like this: According to the PG Writing Center, persuasive writing should. . .
Include a references page with citations for the reading and any other sources you use.
You will need to follow APA formatting and citation style. For more on creating a title page, references page, and citations, review the following PG Writing Center resources:

Formatting an APA Paper and Title Page 

APA Common Citations and References

Formatting an APA References Page 

Submit your assignment to the Unit 2 Assignment Dropbox.

Assignment Resources:
Unit 2 Sample Assignment

Unit 2 Assignment Rubric


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Effective persuasive communication


The art of persuasion is an interesting one due to its diverse nature. Apart from the personal life, persuasive communication can be used in both academic and professional life.  A few weeks ago, I used persuasive writing on a Facebook post to persuade people on the benefits of having sidewalks for school going children. Within this personal persuasive context, I was the speaker and my Facebook friends were the audience and the Facebook post was the text. I posted, “Currently, the traffic in most streets has become unbearably challenging for school going children. This has hindered road safety for those who walk to school and often have to cross the congested roads, which poses a risk to them. Therefore, I believe that we all need to consider the children’s safety first by providing an environment that allows them to be children and enjoy childhood without any risks of harm. Additionally, I believe that as a community, we are tasked with ensuring children are able to get to school safely. It is not easy to address the current traffic problems. I therefore, suggest that we build sidewalks for the children, which will prevent them from bumping into traffic, thus enjoying their everyday walk to and from school. I therefore, urge everyone to help us built the sidewalks by actively participating or supporting the idea financially. I believe that this will in turn keep the children safe and out of any harm.”

            Equally, to use persuasive communication in the professional context, I remember writing an email to my boss, Ms. Curt during my first job working in a factory. In that email, I wrote “I am writing in light of the new safety measures and procedures that had been proposed for the workplace. There have been a rise in the number of mishaps around the workplace and it is high time something is done about it to prevent any more damage to both property and the personnel working in the operational area. In regard, the operational area has become unsafe and highly dangerous for the employees who are constantly exposed to chemicals, spill overs, heat as well as radiation and poor handling of machines which pose a huge risk and do not correspond with the fire safety standards. I therefore request you to evaluate the current situation and implement the already proposed safety measures in order to provide a safety work environment without any threats to the health as well as the organization’s property. I suggest that you also go through the proposed safety measures and amend where needed and ensure to provide the right working gears to those working in highly affected areas within the company.” Within this professional context, I was the speaker, my boss was the audience and the email was the text.

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According to the PG Writing Center, perssuassive communication should take place in the context of a particular community instead of a face-to-face type of communication between two people. Here, it is important to understand the community before advocating for change. In relation to the academic persuasion context, I recently felt the need to educate the community on the importance of controlling dog population by undertaking program known as the spay program. This program will be beneficial in providing a safe environment for both community people as well as the dogs without having anyone bitten at the wrong time and the wrong reasons. Prior to deciding on taking this program, I reflected so much on its importance and what I will be gaining from it in the first place. However, after witnessing several children being bitten or even adults being attacked by dogs, become interested in educating the community. I decide to run a free spay program in my neighborhood for dog owners in order to control the dog population within the neighborhood. In this case, I was the speaker, the community was my audience and the spay program, the text.

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