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Health Technology 

Task to complete:

Research one current health technology trend (example \'patient portal\' or use of EHR systems, telehealth) and one future health technology trend (example Apple health, block chains). 
Discuss in detail how technology is making both of them possible & the impact they are having or will have in the health care community.  

Assignment criteria:

This is not an opinion assignment meaning your opinion can/should be included but it has to be supported with facts by using resources. There should not be a lot of direct quotes used and if applicable use in-text citation (if you are not clear on what that is please research).

1.5 line spacing of content.

Word Count should total minimum for each response/topic 400 words.  The complete paper should not exceed 1000 words.

Reference page should be a separate page and will not be included in the word count.

Use APA format to cite resources (minimum of 2, at least one for each topic). If you are not sure how to document using the APA format, please research.

A cover page is optional.

Place your name in the saved file name for submission.

Do not use the topics noted above as examples for this assignment.

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Health Technology  

Technology has revolutionized the healthcare industry with practical trends that have become very effective during these times when the world has been hit by a deadly virus. Today, one of the most used healthcare technology is telemedicine, which has not only been effective but has transformed healthcare across all margins (Senbekov et al. 2020). Telemedicine usually takes the form of apps that are easily accessible by both patient and healthcare provider. The apps feature security with an incorporation of location services as well as video/audio communication or messaging and a patient’s appointment manager as well as visit history. Telemedicine is positively impacting the healthcare community as it helps patients who do not have easy access to healthcare providers as it also reduces the typical long wait times. It also promotes virtual visits rather than in-person visits which are practical during the COVID-19 pandemic. Technology has made it possible for telemedicine to run through the creation of apps. These apps are easily accessible and manageable by the patient as well as the provider and ensure that healthcare is provided as healthcare records from the past can also be accessed through the apps.

            Telemedicine typically falls under telehealth in which typically every health detail can be recorded to enable transparency and effectiveness within the hospital (Senbekov et al. 2020). For example, electronic health records can also be incorporated into the telemedicine apps to enable easy access of medical records for both providers and patients. Similarly, with the availability of an interactive voice response (IVR), healthcare providers and patience can communicate easily through the digital speech. One important feature of telemedicine apps that promotes their functionality is the use of WebRTC, which connects the web browser with a mobile application because it is an open-source API-based system.

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One most robust future health technology trend is the on-demand healthcare that allows patients to have their own healthcare services schedules. This will also enable healthcare professionals with busy schedules to have a flexible schedule as they can choose to become mobile. Technology, through the creation of digital marketplaces will make on-demand healthcare as success as the platform will be able to connect physicians to patients, or patients to medical facilities (Senbekov et al., 2020). In regard, this will positively affect the healthcare community as doctors or physicians will be able to easily get projects matching their expertise and schedules as patients have an access to on-demand healthcare providers.

Looking at the current trend and the ways in which the healthcare industry has had to adopt to the current COVID-19 pandemic globally, it is important to note that technology in healthcare plays a vital role in ensuring that medical services are provided regardless of what is happening across the globe. For instance, on-demand healthcare will be highly beneficial in future pandemics as patients will have doctors attending to them at the comfort of their homes (Vogenberg & Santilli, 2019). Equally, due to the use of a digital market platform, healthcare providers will also be able to incorporate other technological trends to inhibit the spread of diseases. For example, on-demand healthcare can help the patient get a doctor, while telemedicine app will facilitate the caregiving process especially during pandemics. In regard, even though the doctor might not go to the patient, they will still provide medical services through a digital consultation and visit platform.








Vogenberg, F. R., & Santilli, J. (2019). Key Trends in Healthcare for 2020 and Beyond. American health & drug benefits, 12(7), 348–350.

Senbekov, M., Saliev, T., Bukeyeva, Z., Almabayeva, A., Zhanaliyeva, M., & Aitenova, N. et al. (2020). The Recent Progress and Applications of Digital Technologies in Healthcare: A Review. International Journal Of Telemedicine And Applications, 2020, 1-18.

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