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Organizational setting 

Integrative Learning Project – Organizational setting

In at least 2 pages, describe the mission of your organization (e.g., what product or service is provided, to what intended markets, and how the product or service is distinct from those offered by competitors), who your customers are (internal and external), what value you add to the organization (how you help the organization achieve its mission), and what role Christianity currently plays in this organization.  Please review the Integrated Learning Project General Instructions.  Current APA format must be used.  

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Organizational setting


Integrative Learning Project-Organizational setting.

The food industry is one of the most important industries in the world. Besides, the growth of food is evident since the population is also growing worldwide. This calls for a need to erect more food shops in every part of the world. Harry Snyder founded the In-N-Out burger shop that offers food items such as burgers, milkshakes, ice cream, and fries. Due to the nature of life, most people spend most of their time outside. This calls for a need to have fast foods as lunch, breakfast, or supper but mostly lunch. One of the biggest target markets for fast foods is travelers. Most people in their daily day-to-day activities prefer fast foods to main delicacies. For instance, fries are one of the main fast foods consumed worldwide. In addition, whenever people are on vacations prefer fast foods thus creating a ready market for In-N-Out Burger and other related companies.

In an article published in February 2021, Harry Snyder cited her business slogan that led to the growth and development of the restaurant. She insisted on giving customers the freshest, highest quality foods, and providing their services in a spotlessly clean environment in a very friendly manner (In n, 2021). In the business world, every organization strives to do something unique to their customers that would give them a reason to come back. Another factor that led to the growth of the shop is how people would just come in and drive away with their foods easily. Due to the restaurant’s promise to keep quality and freshness, they have been able to stand out amongst all the other eateries that provide the same products.

As an employee of In-N-Out, I uphold an uncompromising commitment to serving every customer with respect and consistency to maintain the set high standards since the beginning, and the practices set by Harry and Esther Snyder (In n, 2021). In return, this attracts a good number of customers, which increases the profitability of the organization. The employees of an organization are the representatives of the organization by taking the responsibility to uphold good service to the clients that translate to growth in the end. This includes the service speed, cleanliness, and friendliness to the customers. One of the researches conducted by Market Force Information ranked In-N-Out as the number one burger chain in America.

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Apart from the food business, in 1980, during the presidency of Rich Snyder, In-N-Out began writing bible verses on different parts of the packaging wrappers and containers. This was due to the Christianity influence that the Snyder family had. In an interview in 2019, Lynsi Snyder gave reasons why they print bible verses on some of the food packaging materials. She explained about the grief she experienced from the death of her father when she was still very young. Her failed marriages too influenced her to join Christianity where she found peace (, 2019). As a way of displaying their faith, for instance, you may find a burger wrapper printed, John 3:16.

For this reason, Christianity plays a very important role in this organization. Since Christianity is one of the most popular religions in the world, then it is a fact that many customers who visit In-N-Out have a Christian background. Even if not believers, at least they understand something about Christianity. Therefore, many benefits come along with this practice. For instance, just as Snyder confessed, these bible verses can give a troubled mind some peace and hope. This is because the word of God came to restore, give peace, hope, and love. Furthermore, these verses pass a message of kindness and goodness. Besides, on matters concerning morality, due to the Christian values, they try to maintain people to behave in a manner that upholds the right moral values and avoids crimes. The simple message on the burger wrapper could be simple but of much help to someone else.


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