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Describe the anthropological perspective and the role of ethnographic fieldwork in anthropology. Give one example of how ethnographic fieldwork might provide better understanding and enrich cross-cultural interactions in your field of study. 

Be sure to use the course material found in the Reading & Study folder for this course in your personal post and replies. Cite all sources using Turabian formatting.

site to look up books to read

Cross-Cultural Servanthood by Elmer: chs. 1–4

 Introducing Cultural Anthropology, 2nd Edition by Howell & Paris: chs. 1–2



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Over the years, humans have purposed to understand people, the past, and the present culturally and biologically. Such a study refers to anthropology and may extend beyond the culture concept to incorporate other unique ways of thinking about people, the world, cultures, and societies. In that sense, an anthropological perspective entails studying the full scope of human diversity and using the acquired knowledge to address societal problems. An anthropological perspective helps in tracking cultural changes over time (1, p.285). The major perspectives include the cross-cultural/comparative, evolutionary/historical, ecological, and holistic emphases. In a globalized world, understanding human origin and acknowledging cultured communities means that people should consider anthropological perspectives in their lives.

Ethnographic fieldwork plays a critical role in anthropology. Since cultural anthropologists gather their primary data in the field, through ethnographic fieldwork, they can acquire profound insight about people by experiencing their culture firsthand (1, p.48. Due to the diversity of field situations, an ethnography will spend more than one year to record a complete cycle of a specific culture. Ethnographic fieldwork is paramount in anthropology as it allows an ethnography to know more about a culture, a subculture, or a micro-culture. The process might involve digging out and recovering artifacts and eco-facts before a technical analysis in the lab.

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Ethnographic fieldwork offers a better understanding and enriches cross-cultural interactions. For example, a social worker exploring the effects of Covid-19 among Japanese women might have to conduct extensive fieldwork by living with the women for at least one year to gain a deeper understanding of the problem. Due to the multicultural environment, the social worker might have to overcome any interaction challenges by choosing as Jesus did, “not the robe but the towel” (2, p.22). Using this approach will enrich the cross-cultural interaction and offer a more meaningful understanding of how the pandemic has affected women.





Howell BM, Paris JW. Introducing cultural anthropology: A Christian perspective. Baker Academic; 2010.


Elmer D. Cross-cultural servanthood: Serving the World in Christlike humility. InterVarsity Press; 2006.

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