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Active Listening 

Topic: Active Listening

Thread: Active listening is a key part of communicating with clients. It helps build rapport in creating a therapeutic alliance. Use the text and/or presentation as a source of information in discussing 2 important elements of active listening and why this is important. Then, find a friend or family member to try your active listening skills on. In a natural manner, take the time to really listen and hear what is going on with them. Encourage further discussion through reflecting, paraphrasing, and asking an open question. Finally, report your results to finish your post. Do not forget to use current 7Th APA format as you cite and reference outside sources.



Active Listening Skills

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 Active Listening

Communication is an essential part of human interactions. However, people cannot communicate effectively without active listening (AL). Active listening entails listening attentively while someone speaks and in the process, reflecting and withholding any judgment or advice. According to an article by Jahromi et al. (2016), AL is a matter of attitude and an intellectual and emotional process. Sadly, people fail to practice AL due to their faulty listening habits. An active listener will focus on the content, intent, and feeling of the speaker without interrupting while maintaining a high depth of concentration and sensitivity. According to the text, several elements of active listening exist with two major elements being paying attention and providing feedback.

Any active listening must entail paying attention. Here, paying attention means giving the speaker undivided attention and acknowledging the relayed message. It is critical to highlight that a listener must also pay attention to non-verbal communication forms. In the entire process, AL demands putting aside any distracting thoughts, avoid any distractions from environmental factors, listening to the speaker’s body language, and refraining from side conversations when listening as a group. Paying attention is fundamental because one reveals oneself as curious and interested in the message, which gives a speaker more reason to continue relaying the message. In addition, paying attention helps the receiver to interpret any verbal or non-verbal cues for maximum comprehension of the relayed message. Ideally, a receiver that pays attention is unlikely to interject and waits for the best moment to offer relevant and meaningful feedback.

Responding appropriately is another major element of AL. After paying attention to the relayed information, a receiver gains information and perspective while preparing to offer relevant and meaningful feedback. In a classroom, for instance, responding appropriately offers a student an opportunity to have a positive interaction with an instructor and other students while gaining an excellent opportunity to participate in meaningful learning activities. Also, responding is crucial to AL because, without it, communication would become an outwardly passive process. A teacher will also evaluate the students' reception and perception of the communicated message based on their responses. In most cases, responding appropriately also involves validating and acknowledging a speaker’s feelings or message in agreement or disagreement. Part of responding appropriately also involves offering meaningful criticism.

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As part of applying my AL skills, I initiated a conversation with a close friend in my neighborhood. To make the conversation meaningful, I selected an exciting topic by asking him whether he believes we are alone in the universe or other life forms beyond our galaxy exist. As soon as I initiated the conversation, I took my time to listen to his input on the subject. He started by explaining the evolution process based on scientific evidence. Here, he explained how it is unlikely that life only exists on earth. Later, he explained the creation process based on the biblical account. Based on this biblical foundation, he explained how we are the descendants of Adam and Eve, and therefore, we cannot truly tell whether God created other life forms beyond or within our galaxy. After he explained the two accounts, I asked him the question on which account we should believe in to make a valid conclusion. He explained that neither account is conclusive but as Christians, we should believe in the Biblical perspective. After the engagement, I believe that there is no conclusive explanation of whether there is life beyond our galaxy since it all depends on which perspective one embraces or upholds.




Jahromi, V. K., Tabatabaee, S. S., Abdar, Z. E., & Rajabi, M. (2016). Active listening: The key of successful communication in hospital managers. Electronic physician, 8(3), 2123.

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