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5 Things to consider when seeking assignment help online

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

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Balancing school, family, and work remain a great challenge for college/ university students. For some, handling class assignments is a challenge due to inability to comprehend course content or simply the lack of excellent writing skills. Nonetheless, the internet provides an excellent platform for students to access homework help services online. In fact, there is a constant increase of essay writing services online offering academic help at a fee. Sadly, the process of getting help may not be as smooth as expected. This blog discusses some of the important factors to consider when seeking assignment help online to guarantee access to quality and timely services.

1. Sufficient/ friendly deadlines

When seeking assignment help online, be it nursing, psychology, leadership studies, criminal justice, health informatics, mechanical engineering, or help in any other academic field, we recommend that you offer sufficient deadline based on the number of pages required and the level of difficulty of the assignment. Placing your order as a last minute decision is risky in the sense that it reduces your chances of getting quality work delivered within the tight deadline. Bear in mind that writers are humans too and history has taught us that humans tend to perform poorly when working under pressure. Besides, tight deadlines deprive both you and your designated writer of enough time to tackle necessary revision. Therefore, it is critical that you not only adopt a habit of placing orders as soon as you receive class assignments, but also give friendly deadlines. Also, avoid indicating the exact deadline as contained in the assignment instructions and instead put a deadline that allows enough time for proofreading and making necessary changes before submission.

2. Clear instructions

One of the greatest challenges writers face in their quest to deliver outstanding papers is the lack of clear instructions. Some customers tend to introduce new instructions midway or after the order is complete which not only kill the morale of writers but also increase unnecessary work that spills out of the budget. To get quality work in a timely fashion, avoid changing instructions midway. Instead, include all the requirements including personal preferences when placing your order. You can, however, submit comments to guide the writer or introduce content that you probably asked the writer to wait for when placing your order. In case your assignment includes topic choices, then please let the writer know whether you have a preferred topic or you are ok with any choice they make.

3. Monitor progress

It is prudent to monitor the progress of your order(s) for an array of reasons. To begin with, it allows you to detect problems and correct in time. For instance, you may notice that you indicated the wrong deadline which carries the risk of having your paper delivered late. Monitoring helps you to fix such issues hence the assurance of delivery within the stipulated deadline. Monitoring also helps you to feel part of the writing process in the sense that it gives you a chance to preview your paper as it progresses and leave constructive comments. 

4. Communication

Communication is very important when seeking homework help online. There are times when a writer may require additional information, and you will receive email notifications of the same. As such, it is imperative that you monitor your emails to ensure you respond in a timely fashion. Also, if there’s new information or need to cancel your order, it is fair that you communicate in the shortest time possible to avoid time wastage on the part of the writer and generally to improve the process of assignment writing.

5. Timely payment

At Brainstorm Essays, we accept Payment on Delivery (POD). However, due to trust issues, we only deliver a portion of your order and withhold the remaining portion pending payment. Therefore, it is important that you ensure timely release of funds to facilitate quick release of the full document.

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