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Statistical Tests - Sample Paper

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Technological advancement and the need to find new drugs for effective treatment of various diseases have paved way for numerous research studies. In order to produce quality and acceptable results, researchers are strictly required to follow the necessary research procedures. For instance, researchers are required to state the hypothesis of their research and choose an effective method of testing it. Therefore, in relation to the researcher’s wish to study the effect of a new drug on blood pressure, this paper will suggest the best statistical test to use for best outcomes.

The best way to tell whether a new drug is effective in treating blood pressure is to compare it with another known drug. Therefore, this requires that we have at least two groups: one that is under the current drug (placebo) and the other under medication of the new drug. Personally I would recommend the use of a two-sample t test. This is simply because it allows the researcher to examine the normal distribution of differences between the two drugs before and after measurements (Sas, 2012).

Given the nature of the study, the choice of statistical test to be used will depend on a number of factors. One such factor is the nature of the research question. It will also depend on the type of data being analyzed and lastly, the number of independent groups under study (Sas, 2012). The two-sample t test is basically effective in comparing two independent studies which basically is similar to the situation presented by the research question at hand.

Indeed, the hypothesis will be directional in that, the hypothesis is more specific and that the experiment predicts an existence of an expected relationship. Furthermore, the test would be a two test because there will be a need to test the hypothesized relationship in both directions and lastly, the null hypothesis is that the new drug will not change the subjects in any meaningful way and the alternative hypothesis is that the new drug will change the subjects in a meaningful way.

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