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Second Chance

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Leaders in today’s organizations mostly delegate tasks to junior workers for various

reasons like to equip them with required skills, provide platforms for them to exercise their

knowledge and skills, and exercise their leadership. In the event of difficulties faced by the

workers on delegated tasks, they are allowed to seek assistance from their leaders (Hassan,

Wright & Park, 2016). The paper purposes to give the better reaction for Randy Data towards

Tonya’s relentless questions regarding the implementation of electronic medication

administration record (EMAR).

Randy Data as the chief information officer has the capability to delegate tasks to his

juniors like Tonya, the project manager. In this case, due to a lot of matters that require his

attention, he delegates the EMAR project to Tonya to ensure it is complete within the required

time. Tonya upon facing several difficulties constantly interrupts Randy with questions regarding

the EMAR. He always expects her to ask him all kinds of queries each time. To resolve these

problems, his best option would be to review Tonya’s progress, guide and correct her mistakes,

and assist her plan accordingly for the remaining part of the project.

By reviewing Tonya’s progress, Randy would be able to determine errors and an

inappropriate action that she may have done in the beginning of the project, which would further

give him the heads-up on the issues that require his attention. Upon the realization of the

mistakes, he would be able to offer solutions that rectify them to ensure proper project progress.

The solutions can be executed and further guide her on the planning of the project. Importantly,

such approach would equip Tonya with knowledge that she can utilize on other upcoming

projects. Randy displays his leadership by assisting Tonya realize her mistakes and correcting them (Hassan & Hatmaker, 2015). Lastly, the selected approach alleviates the chances for more

questions by Tonya.


Hassan, S., &; Hatmaker, D. M. (2015). “Leadership and performance of public employees:

Effects of the quality and characteristics of manager-employees relationships.” Journal of

Public Administration Research and Theory, 25(4), 1127-1155.

Hassan, S., Wright, B. E., & Park, J. (2016). “The role of employee task performance and

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agency.” Review of Public Personnel Administration, 36(1), 57-99.

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