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Analyzing Basic Applied Research

In the first article, Evidence Based Practice in Psychology by Russell M Bouer, the author observes the outcomes of evidence-based practice as applied clinical psychology research. He views applied research as a key behind solving many patient experiences such as in the case of brain-injured patients in rehabilitative settings. The author goes on to stress the importance for psychologists familiarizing with these crucial research methods. He believes that evidence-based practice provides an important framework in order to address some ignored problems in clinical psychology research.

The author makes an assumption that applied based psychological research practice would require extensive capital investments by educators in the quest for new research content, design, and methodology courses. He also assumes that even though applied research deploys qualitative research studies, it is incapable of establishing the co-existing relationships among variables which are the key sources of solutions (Bauer, 2007). The author believes that evidence based practice is an exciting opportunity for the psychology field. Not only because it will further psychologists ‘integration into the health care and research environment, but that it will also provide new tools to educate students for capable and competent professional activity.

In the second article referred to as Practice-Based Evidence, the authors shed light on basic research. They believe in finding vital psychological solutions by focusing on the phenomenal factors behind changes in behavior. This is vivid especially where they refer to an instance where researchers are shifting from the primitive medical models of treatment studies, to a better model targeted on nature and its influence on an individual’s needs in therapeutic care. The authors make an assumption that applied research is a practice which is inaccessible and generally overwhelming. They therefore prefer the basic practice based research methodology where all studies whether a failure or a success is submitted for publication thus improving knowledge (Brendtro, Mitchell &Doncaster, 2011)

I tend to agree with Russell M Bouer for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is because evidence-based practice provides an important framework in order to address some ignored problems in clinical psychology research. I also agree with him because evidence based practice will provide new tools to educate students for capable and competent professional activity.


Bauer, R. M. (2007). Evidence‐based practice in psychology: Implications for research and research training. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 63(7), 685-694.

Brendtro, L., Mitchell, M., & Doncaster, J. (2011). Practice-based evidence: back to the future. Reclaiming Children and Youth, 19(4), 5

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