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Police and Delinquency Intervention/Prevention Programs

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Over the years, there have been increased rates of juvenile/ delinquency crime. This is indeed a huge problem in the society for a number of reasons. Firstly, it exposes juveniles to court processes and detentions hence affecting their development. Secondly, if no interventions are made, then the juvenile is at risk of committing bigger crimes as an adult. This and other valid reasons call for early intervention.

Summary of the article

The journal article at hand focuses on community policing in line with youth violence. To begin with, the article points out that indeed over time there has been a growing need for police interaction and cooperation with the community. This according to the article is as a result of both parties understanding the importance of such cooperation amongst themselves in addressing and fighting juvenile crimes. The article gives a clear history of community policing and further goes on to elaborate on various theories that support the same (Ministry of Children and Youth Services, 2010).

Crime intervention/ prevention strategies

There are a number of strategies outlined in the article which although are practiced in Ontario Canada, can be implemented elsewhere. Firstly, there are Public Education Programs. Under this strategy, the police are in a position to provide public awareness on how to avoid being victimized and especially for the youth, how to avoid involvement in crime. Secondly, there are Neighborhood Watch Programs which basically involves community members meeting up in small groups to share information regarding local crime problems and strategies to deal with them. Thirdly, there are Weed and Seed Programs which basically involves the activities of law enforcement agencies and prosecutors in “weeding” out drug abusers and violent criminals while on the other hand the community-based organizations work together to offer much needed human services such as prevention, intervention treatment as well as neighborhood restoration. Indeed, these and other strategies offer a promising framework in addressing the issue juvenile crime (Ministry of Children and Youth Services, 2010).

Key findings and recommendations

Based on the strategies outlined, it has been found that juvenile crime can be controlled and the rate of returning offenders reduced. This is attributed to the fact that community-based policing is more of proactive rather than reactive hence creating a better platform for restoring order in the society. However, it is highly recommended that the community fully cooperates with the police in order for the intervention to work.


Ministry of Children and Youth Services. (2010). Community Policing Strategies. Review of the Roots of Youth Violence: Literature Reviews , Volume 5.

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