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Imaging Technology

There are various investigational methods that provide vital information concerning the structure and functions of the cellular and nervous system. Such methods include; imaging technology, special studies and laboratory science techniques. The multimedia materials provided greatly outlines how these methods work and their contribution in examining the existing relationship between biology and behavior. Having gone through the materials, I feel imaging technology is the most powerful method to examine the said relationship.

Indeed, the technique is useful for a combination of analytical practices such as basic research, ongoing patient management or even the initial diagnosis of a clinical condition. To begin with, imaging aids in basic research by enabling researchers to easily identify neural networks that are mostly involved in cognitive processes hence, causing them to have a better understanding of disease path ways. As a result, the technique offers a great way of recognizing and diagnosing diseases at their early stages when treatment is more likely successful. Moreover, it enables healthcare givers to understand how therapies work and therefore, promotes quality patient management (Asbury, 2011).

The most interesting thing about imaging technique is that it allows room for researchers to visualize and study the brain structure and its functions right from the individual molecules level to the whole brain. This is made possible by the fact that many imaging techniques are non-invasive hence, allows dynamic processes to be monitored over time (Asbury, 2011).

Generally, imaging techniques are transforming our wider understanding of how the brain works, how immune cells interact with the brain in relation to health and disease and how they function. The technique not only proves useful in understanding how the brain functions, but also provides a means for understanding disease processes with an aim of discovering effective therapies that can intervene.


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